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Not limited to being just a genre label, Artsploitation Films presents intriguing, unsettling, unpredictable and provocative films to an audience long numbed by filmic predictability.

“In this reviewer’s humble opinion, Artsploitation Films is one of the most exciting film distribution companies about.”The Lair of Filth

“North America’s most confrontational distributor of contemporary world cinema.” Twitch Film

“Artsploitation, the ne plus ultra of transgressive world cinema and modern horror”

“I am a fan of the Artsploitation label. They have such a flair for the cutting edge in world cinema. They have a balance of art house and odd aggressive. This is a label that have had more movies in critics top ten than most major movie studios.” — James DePaolo,

“I am so thankful the fine folks at Artsploitation Films have high standards of quality for their films. They are one of the few film companies that seem to continually release good movies on a regular basis. — Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings

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“For those of you who felt The Lobster was just a tad too mainstream for a Summer release, Der Bunker should strike your fancy. Dark, exploitive and fairly twisted…Der Bunker is ultimately a John Waters film by way of David Cronenberg. A lot of the film’s charms are trashy, and […]

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“…as he arrives at the family’s bunker, he suspects that he has arrived at the airbnb from hell…it is a twisted tale with a serious message about education and childhood, where the abnormal gradually becomes normal.” BattleRoyaleWithCheese  

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“A funny, visually arresting, and a bit unsettling modern fairy tale. Der Bunker is film without a genre. You could start by labeling it horror, but you’d almost certainly have to back it up with comedy, and then psycho-sexual thriller, and then drama, and then even science-fiction, and after a while […]

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