OVER The Rainbow with Perfect Obedience

Remember that the biggest danger for a Crusader is evil speaking. That means to speak poorly of others. Especially when it’s about a superior. That is why if any of you have any reason to suspect or accuse a Crusader of Christ, you could only tell it to a superior. Otherwise, you face falling into the worst of all sins. This sin is the most obscene of all. And goes against the Spirit of Christ. Which is why we must abhor it. That is why we must detest it.” -A priest telling the new students at a Catholic seminary school not to tattletale on others. And so the manipulation begins so these priests can more easily sexually abuse these boys who think they are going to school to serve Jesus, but little do they know what they really signed up for…

Perfect Obedience is a film about a Catholic priest who is sexually abusing the boys in the seminary he is in charge of, and the other priests who not only allow this abuse to happen, but also help it along. And what surprised me when I watched this emotionally powerful movie was that I found myself seething with anger at what I was witnessing on my TV screen. I was just so fucking pissed that I almost couldn’t stand to watch this beautiful film from an amazing filmmaker, Luis Urquiza, who directed and co-wrote Perfect Obedience.

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Rock! Shock! Pop! & German Angst!

Hey! Rock!Shock!Pop! DOT com Reviewed our BRAND NEW Blu-ray of German Angst

German Angst is a pretty solid anthology, mixing artistic intent with blatant shock value in interesting and effective ways. Each of the shorts is worth seeing and it’s nice to see these three filmmakers able to experiment a bit here. The presentation from Artsploitation Films looks pretty decent and there are some good extras here as well…


Released by: Artsploitation Films
Released on: June 26h, 2018.
Director: Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschal
Cast: Lola Gave, Axel Holst, Annika Strauss, Andreas Pape, Matthan Harris, Kristina Kostiv, Désirée Giorgetti, Rüdiger Kuhlbrodt
Year: 2015
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A Horror Film of the Sexual Kind – Perfect Obedience Out On Blu-ray July 10th
A Horror Film of Another Kind – the Sexual Side
PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 28, 2018 –  Far from being a horror film in the traditional sense, PERFECT OBEDIENCE nonetheless has its moments of shock as it tackles the dark topic of Catholic priests and their decades-long sexual abuse of boys. Artsploitation Films will release the film on DVD and Blu-ray on July 10th.
Based on true events, the film is set in 1960s Mexico and follows the impressionable 13-year-old Julian as he enters a seminary. A seminary whose code of conduct is the complete unquestioning obedience to authority. The boy soon becomes the target of desire for the seminary’s charismatic head who takes the boy under his wings. But instead of religious training, Julian soon realizes he must obey the older priest’s every command. A lurid tale told in deceptively pop, and at times even humorous, fashion.

Perfect Obedience
Release Date:    July 10, 2018
Blu-ray & DVD
Genre:                 LGBT, Drama, Coming-of-Age
Year:                    2014
Running Time:    99′
Language:           Spanish with English Subtitles
Audio format:      5.1 Dolby Digital
SRP:                     $14.99 (blu-ray); $12.99 (DVD)
UPC:                     Blu-ray:      851597006216
DVD:          851597006087
Country:               Mexico
Director:               Luis Urquiza
Cast:                    Juan Manuel Bernal, Sebastian Aguirre, Juan Ignacio Aranda, Alejandro de Hoyos, Luis Ernesto Franco

Short Synopsis:
A controversial sexual abuse drama about a 13-year-old boy who falls under the devilish charms of a priest.

Long Synopsis:
The Catholic Church’s pedophilic sex scandals are given an explosive, controversial but oddly wildly entertaining look with this 1960s-set drama based on a true story about Legion of Christ founder and child abuser Marcial Marcial. Julian, an innocent and impressionable 13-year-old, is sent to a seminary to train for the priesthood. He is immediately immersed in this new world of religious training with the over-riding philosophy being, not so much the love of Christ, but the complete obedience to authority. The seminary, with its coterie of older priests beset with sexual tension and ever-so tempted by its young students is lorded over by the handsome and charismatic Father Angel de la Cruz. When the seemingly kindly pastor invites the attractive boy to leave the dormitory to stay at his home to continue his “training,” he feels honored, but soon realizes there is a price: his complete psychological and inevitably, physical surrender to the older man. First-time filmmaker Luis Urquiza, imbues this lurid tale with an oddly pop style (the 1960s fashions are especially impressive) and with a memorable soundtrack featuring religious music, Spanish rock and even a bacchanalian scene set to the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil.”


Mr. Skin Salutes A Taste of Phobia & German Angst

MR. SKIN looks at a film generally from any nudity in it. Thank you. Here is Mr. SKIN’s review for GERMAN ANGST 


Image result for mr. skinGerman Angst (2015) is a collection of three short films shot by three of Germany’s most controversial directors. One short tells the story of a young girl who lives alone in an apartment with her pet guinea pig, but finds out she might not be alone. Another film tells the story of a couple who are violently attacked, but are in possession of a talisman that might just save them. The last is about a drug that will deliver the ultimate sexual experience, but has horrible side effects. Your little director will be throbbing with angst when you see Desiree Gioretti’s perky tits as she lays in bed dead. When a guy wakes up he finds his hands around her throat and her dead. He rolls off of her giving us a good look at her little boobies. As he scrambles to decide what to do, you will scramble to get your pants around your ankle!


Snowflake Wins Best Picture / Best Director at Negative Fest

Snowflake was the big winner at this years’ Negative Fest taking home Best Picture and Best Director!

Best Feature Film: Snowflake (Schneeflöckchen)
Best Director: Adolfo Kolmerer & William James (Snowflake)

Artsploitation Films is expected to release Snowflake on home video later this year.


Take a dash of Tarantino, a splash of Coen brothers, a metric ton of pretzel-logic self-awareness, and a fast-paced series of humorously violent misadventures, and you’re halfway to grasping the magnificent German madness of this bizarre import. Hunting down the murderer of their families in a near-future Berlin, a gang of lowlife characters all want revenge on each other, but along the way they must contend with a myriad of wicked fairytale types—assassins, madmen, a blood-covered angel, and an electric-powered superhero—all apparently come to life through a screenplay written by a demented but clueless dentist. Must be experienced to be believed, and guaranteed to twist your mind.


SNOWFLAKE – Official Trailer#1 from LOPTA FILM on Vimeo.

Horror Anthologies German Angst & A Taste of Phobia Coming to DVD/Blu-ray & VOD

Horror Anthologies German Angst & A Taste of Phobia Coming to DVD/Blu-ray & VOD

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Artsploitation Films will release two eye-popping horror anthologies on June 26th. Fourteen different directors peer into the twisted and often self-violent world of phobias in A Taste of Phobia. Also, on that date will be a special-featured-packed Blu-ray release of German Angst. Love and sex has never been portrayed as so depraved and disturbing as seen by three controversial underground filmmakers, the legendary Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik(1987); Andreas Marschall (Tears of Kali (2004); and Michal Kosakowski (Zero Killed (2014). Note: German Angst is a Blu-ray re-issue, as the film has been out on Blu-ray previously. But the original release was a barebones Blu-ray-R while this Artsploitation Films release will be of the highest HD quality and will contain many bonus features.

A Taste of Phobia
Genre: Horror
Year: 2017
Running Time: 90’
Language: English
Audio format: 2.0 stereo
Subtitles: Optional Spanish subtitles
Format: DVD
SRP: $14.99
UPC: 851597006513

German Angst
Genre: Horror
Year: 2015
Running time: 112’
Language: English
Audio format: Dolby 5.1
Subtitles: English
Format: Blu-ray
SRP: $14.99
UPC: 851597006681


Negativefest featuring Trauma & Snowflake

Friday, June 15-16, 2018 – Movies of Lake Worth, Florida
For Films, Schedule & Tickets Visit NEGATIVEFEST.COM

Featuring Artsploitation Films, TRAUMA & SNOWFLAKE

Artsploitation Summer Movie Schedule




A Taste of Phobia (New Release)

German Angst (Re-issue – BLU only)




Perfect Obedience (Re-issue – Blu-ray Only)


Hemel (Re-issue – Blu-ray only)





The Summer House ( Re-issue – Blu-ray Only )


Clip (Re-issue – BLU only)


Chasing The Muse (Re-issue – BLU only)



Trauma (New Release)


The Man With The Magic Box (New Release)


Molly (New Release)

German Angst – Fully Loaded Special Edition Blu-ray on Sale June 26, 2018

German Angst – Fully Loaded Special Edition Blu-ray on Sale June 26, 2018

For Immediate Release:

For the First Time Ever, the trilogy of love, sex, and death German Angst will have an Authentic Blu-ray Release. Artsploitation Films is packing it with TONS of Never Before Seen Bonus Footage. This Fully Loaded Special Edition will be available on June 19, 2018.

German Angst – Three German tales of love, sex and death in Berlin from Germany’s most shocking directors.“Final Girl” (Jörg Buttgereit)The first episode, tells the story of a young girl who lives with her guinea pig in a dirty apartment in Berlin. Seemingly a little lonely except for that bound and gagged man tied to her bed.“Make a Wish” (Michal Kosakowski)This gut-wrenching tale involves a young deaf-mute couple who are attacked by a group of skin-head hooligans. However, they are in possession of a mysterious talisman that could help them.“Alraune” (Andreas Marschall)The finale follows a man who stumbles upon a secret sex club that promises the ultimate sexual experience by using a drug made from the roots of the legendary Mandragora plant. But the ecstatic experiences have horrific side-effects.


  • Teaser #1 (1 min 55 sec)
  • Crowdfunding Video for Startnext featuring all three directors (7 min 27 sec)
  • Alraune Teaser with footage extra shot for crowdfunding campaign and not part in the final movie (1 min 59 sec)
  • Crowdfunding Video for Kickstarter featuring all three directors – in English (6 min 36 sec)
  • Teaser #2 with extra shot material not used in the final movie! (2 min 11 sec)
  • Alraune Cannes Film Festival trailer – extra edited for the festival (2 min 16 sec)
  • Official Trailer 1 (2 min 2 sec)
  • Official Trailer 2 with a completely different concept (1 min 48 sec)
  • “Behind the Scenes” – Beautiful Making of Movie shot on Super 8 (7 min 56 sec)
  • “Behind the Scenes” Photos – more than 350 high quality photos
  • Audio Commentary In German (only) (1 hour 45 min 47 sec)
  • Q&A at Fantastic Fest 2015 (15 min 37 sec)

German Angst from artsploitation on Vimeo.

A Blood Splattered Angel Descends To Artsploitation To Deliver ‘Snowflake’

A Blood Splattered Angel Descends To Artsploitation To Deliver ‘Snowflake’

The Most Fucked Up German Fairy Tale Since The Brothers Grimm

For Immediate Release

Artsploitation Films has acquired the U.S. rights to SNOWFLAKE, The Most Fucked Up German Fairy Tale Since The Brothers Grimm. Produced by Lopta Films, Ventaro Films, and Movie Stuff Pictures, it’s a non-stop roller coaster ride with more twists and turns than you can imagine. Directed by Adolfo Kolmerer and William James, the film is scheduled to be released in the later half of 2018.

SNOWFLAKE – In an odd twist of fate, Tan and Javid find themselves living out a bizarre screenplay page by violent page. While hunting down the murderer of their families, their reality turns topsy turvy when they read of their own untimely deaths and realize this screenplay is coming true. It’s a race against the clock and the written word to find the author of their demise and change their destiny. This mission of survival is met with a cavalcade of the fantastic characters being thrust into their world – assassins, madmen, an electric powered superhero, a blood splattered angel, oh my! This cool German Import is the ultimate spitting blood, kicking ass fairy tale that will get your thinking and keep you thinking a long time after.

“Bizarre and unpredictable, Snowflake has a plot seemingly written by a mad dadaist. I wanted to re-watch the film the moment it ended. Its original story and its bouts of action and super violence make this a treat for all adventurous genre film-lovers.” – Artsploitation President, Ray Murray

SNOWFLAKE – Official Trailer#1 from LOPTA FILM on Vimeo.

Genre: Action Adventure
Year: 2017
Running time: 121 Minutes
Language: German

Director: Adolfo Kolmerer, William James
Producer: Eric Sonnenburg, Erkan Acar, Adrian Topol, Reza Brojerdi
Screenwriters: Arend Remmers
Cast: Erkan Acar, Reza Brojerdi, Xenia Assenza, David Masterson, Alexander Schubert, Adrian Topol, Antonio Wannek, Mathis Landwehr, Selam Tadese, Eskindir Tesfay, Martin Goeres, Gedeon Burkhard, Bruno Eyron, David Gant, Sven Martinek, Angela Hobrig, Mehmet Kurtulus, Katja Wagner
Cinematography: Konstantin Freyer