Genre Critic John W Allman Calls DEADLY VIRTUES “Subversive”

“Genre film fans who enjoy a healthy dollop of alt-sex play slathered throughout their bloody carnage will likely get a big kick out of de Jong’s film. It’s subversive enough to push boundaries, but smart enough not to resort to Skinemax-style softcore parody. And, unlike a lot of “adult” thrillers, it does a better than expected job of showcasing the erotic appeal and genuine artistry of fetish favorites like the intricate Japanese Shibari rope bondage without devolving into camp.

The Stuff You Care About: Hot chicksYes; NudityYes; GoreOh yeah; Bad Guys/KillersWell, that’s a complicated answer.” – John W. Allman, Creative Loafing Tampa

ItsBlogginEvil “Stimulated” by DEADLY VIRTUES

What kind of film reviewer would receive or at least suggest a sexual stimulation seeing a woman (Megan Maczko in this case) all trussed up and vulnerable? Our kind of reviewer!

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DEADLY VIRTUES, “A Must See” – DecayMag

Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. is a remarkable entry to the home invasion concept. The writer and director created a fresh perspective on the theme. There are many compelling aspects to this production. The film did not express BDSM aesthetics with a lack of research. From the Chinese rope bondage to the training all consideration went into delivering a philosophy. Having a personal understanding of BDSM it was of surprise to see a sense of accuracy to the art-form. The violence portrayed in the film is raw and unflinching. Director Ate de Jong avoids over-saturating the production with unnecessary brutality. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. does well in granting tense filled expositions in its ninety-minute running time. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. is a work of art that accommodates BDSM themes. Infidelity, deceit and a sense of purpose become the thematic subtext to ponder. The narrative coupled with Ate de Jong’s directorial finesse makes this film a must see. – DecayMag


Sexual abuse survivors should not see DEADLY VIRTUES – Cinema365

“The movie is definitely very dark in tone and not for the squeamish; the torture scenes are certainly squirm-inducing and the sexuality of the characters are handled in a frank no-nonsense manner. The filmmakers don’t shy away from delicate subject matter in the slightest. But as home invasion movies go, this one isn’t quite Brand X. Things don’t happen in ways you would expect and just when you think this is going to be Torture Porn: The Home Edition, things change…it has generated some controversy in England where there were complaints about its treatment of women as well as its portrayal of the BDSM element. This movie definitely has the ability to trigger sexual abuse survivors from all sorts of angles and those who are easily triggered should probably not see this and those who are not should be aware that the potential is there.” – Cinema365


UnseenFilms Recommends DEADLY VIRTUES to Viewers with “an adventurous sense of horror.”

“This film is a button pusher that is going to delight some and scare off many others who simply don’t want to go there.  Recommended for those with a truly adventurous sense of horror.” UnseenFilms


VideoViews Says of DEADLY VIRTUES: “An engaging film from start to finish.”

“A disturbing home invasion film especially at the beginning but once it settles in, it becomes an entertaining film with a well-written story and well-developed characters you actually care about…the film wraps it all up neatly with a few twists along the way and a great ending makes this one of the better home invasion films I have seen. I highly recommend checking this out even to those that do not normally watch movies like this. It is filled with drama, mystery, suspense and it contain just enough violence to make it realistic without over doing it. An engaging film from start to finish.” – VideoViews


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First Review of DEADLY VIRTUES is a Rave!

TheSlaughteredBird Offers a thoughtful and positive review of Deadly VirtuesDeadly Virtues starts as a simple story of a home invasion takes several sharp turns along the way. The look and feel of the film is very polished and professional, which also serves to make the more unsettling scenes particularly startling….it’s a movie that grabs your attention and keeps it. It will also give you one or two more things to be paranoid about, so fair warning.”

deadly virtues5


“From first-time directors Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio, The Devil Lives Here mines a rich vein of Brazilian folklore to spin a creepy and ultimately terrifying yarn about a single night’s battle in an ancient war between good and evil. Though stripped down and raw, The Devil Lives Here demonstrates a clear vision and remarkable proficiency in storytelling, atmosphere, and anxiety, and fear. While their film looks and feels like a true original, it pulsates with echoes of cinematic forebears like Raimi’s The Evil Dead, the Barker-penned Candyman, and even further back to White Zombie and the Val Lewton classics that followed. With their focus on suspense before shock, dread before gore, and character before all the rest, Gasparini and Vescio have constructed a tight, atmospheric horror fable that holds you in the moment…and then leaves you looking forward to what else these filmmakers have in store for horror fans in the years to come.” –Horror News

KILLBILLIES: “the old-school gore is nifty….” says, HorrorScreamsVideoVault

“…the silly villains are amusing (“Now you’re going to get it, you old whore!”), the old-school gore is nifty and the fashionably cynical ending has an unpleasant fate for the heroine before a very long closing shot that seems to be bidding to be the rural horror equivalent to the last moments of THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY.” – HorrorScreamsVideoVault


Counter Clockwise Is “Smart” Says Horror Screams Video Vault

“Dark humor with a nice mix of science fiction and thriller story telling….Time travel movies are always going to be a hit and even more so if they are done smartly like Counter Clockwise is.” – HorrorScreamsVideoVault