“trashy…entertaining…guilty pleasure” – DEADLY VIRTUES

“So what did I think the first time I laid eyes on the promo material for Deadly Virtues? A shitty lifetime channel melodrama dressed in horror garb. And what did I get after actually watching Deadly Virtues? A trashy – yet entertaining – lifetime channel melodrama dressed in horror garb. [A] guilty pleasure…well acted (Megan Maczko in particular, puts on a great performance) …give it a shot, you may find yourself surprised to be smiling by the time the credits roll.” – 13thFloor

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COUNTER CLOCKWISE Demands Repeat Viewings: ClevelandMovieBlog

“…in the tradition of 12 MONKEYS and DONNIE DARKO…it may take a few repeat viewings – and even a few DIY charts on scrap paper – to begin to understand the deliberately convoluted narrative. Also check out the making-of extras and commentaries on the Artsploitation DVD release.” – ClevelandMovieBlogcounter-clockse5

“A hidden gem…effective, simple, but most of all scary.” – Killbillies
“Upon popping the disc in, I found myself totally engaged the whole time and was shocked at how great this hidden gem really is. Sure, it has some inspiration from Hills, but also has a creepy uneasy vibe evident in other films such as High Tension mixed with a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre for good measure. This bizarre film is both effective, simple, but most of all scary. If you’re a fan of foreign horror, this disc should definitely be on your radar…Killbillies has some brutal sequences, as well that will be sure to please gore fans and one of the most gruesome [see for yourself] I’ve seen in cinema as of late…If you’re a horror fan, then I would highly suggest checking this film out. I am still in shock at how much I enjoyed it!” – FulVueDrive-In


“This gang wanted to make a disturbing, creepy little picture, and they’ve succeeded.”

“Don’t head into Deadly Virtues: Love. Honor. Obey anticipating a Steven Spielberg level film. Instead, load this one up knowing that the budget is limited but the heart is enormous, and everyone involved in the picture showcase a drive that tells me no one was sleeping on the job. This gang wanted to make a disturbing, creepy little picture, and they’ve succeeded.” – AddictedToHorrorMovies



HorrorBuzz Calls DEADLY VIRTUES, “a fun little thriller with a weird BDSM slant.”

Deadly Virtues: Love. Honour. Obey. (which might win the award for most awkward movie title this year) is a home invasion movie that delivers the goods, and then some, along with some mighty fine acting and a decent little twist…director Ate de Jong (Drop Dead Fred)(yes, that Drop Dead Fred) strings us along masterfully, doling out bits and pieces of information amidst intense bloody violence, and then reeling it back in and keeping us hooked on his line until the very end.  This is a fun little thriller with a weird BDSM slant to it (let’s just say Aaron really knows what he’s doing when he ties knots) and it’s definitely worth your time. Uncle Mike sez check it out, and don’t bother locking your doors. It won’t stop him.” – HorrorBuzz



Mr.Skin Unzips and Rubs One Out Watching DEADLY VIRTURES

“Tom (Matt Barber) and Alison (Megan Maczko) are at home having sex one night when a stranger breaks into their home – using a key to their house. After nonchalantly entering their bedroom, knocking out Tom, and tying up Alison, the intruder (who we learn is named Aaron, played by Edward Akrout) tells her he only wants one thing: for her to treat him like she’s his wife for the weekend. A good deal of core makes up the first part of the movie, but it has a particularly compelling twist as we begin to learn more about the couple living in this house. Luckily, all of the trauma is broken up with one great scene of Megan entering a tub naked, showing boobs, butt, and a hint of bush as she walks in and then get to see her wearing a latex suit. This movie will make you want to Unzip. Rub. Jerk off.” – Mr.Skin

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Genre Critic John W Allman Calls DEADLY VIRTUES “Subversive”

“Genre film fans who enjoy a healthy dollop of alt-sex play slathered throughout their bloody carnage will likely get a big kick out of de Jong’s film. It’s subversive enough to push boundaries, but smart enough not to resort to Skinemax-style softcore parody. And, unlike a lot of “adult” thrillers, it does a better than expected job of showcasing the erotic appeal and genuine artistry of fetish favorites like the intricate Japanese Shibari rope bondage without devolving into camp.

The Stuff You Care About: Hot chicksYes; NudityYes; GoreOh yeah; Bad Guys/KillersWell, that’s a complicated answer.” – John W. Allman, Creative Loafing Tampa

ItsBlogginEvil “Stimulated” by DEADLY VIRTUES

What kind of film reviewer would receive or at least suggest a sexual stimulation seeing a woman (Megan Maczko in this case) all trussed up and vulnerable? Our kind of reviewer!

Check it out: Review


DEADLY VIRTUES, “A Must See” – DecayMag

Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. is a remarkable entry to the home invasion concept. The writer and director created a fresh perspective on the theme. There are many compelling aspects to this production. The film did not express BDSM aesthetics with a lack of research. From the Chinese rope bondage to the training all consideration went into delivering a philosophy. Having a personal understanding of BDSM it was of surprise to see a sense of accuracy to the art-form. The violence portrayed in the film is raw and unflinching. Director Ate de Jong avoids over-saturating the production with unnecessary brutality. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. does well in granting tense filled expositions in its ninety-minute running time. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. is a work of art that accommodates BDSM themes. Infidelity, deceit and a sense of purpose become the thematic subtext to ponder. The narrative coupled with Ate de Jong’s directorial finesse makes this film a must see. – DecayMag


Sexual abuse survivors should not see DEADLY VIRTUES – Cinema365

“The movie is definitely very dark in tone and not for the squeamish; the torture scenes are certainly squirm-inducing and the sexuality of the characters are handled in a frank no-nonsense manner. The filmmakers don’t shy away from delicate subject matter in the slightest. But as home invasion movies go, this one isn’t quite Brand X. Things don’t happen in ways you would expect and just when you think this is going to be Torture Porn: The Home Edition, things change…it has generated some controversy in England where there were complaints about its treatment of women as well as its portrayal of the BDSM element. This movie definitely has the ability to trigger sexual abuse survivors from all sorts of angles and those who are easily triggered should probably not see this and those who are not should be aware that the potential is there.” – Cinema365