Mr. Skin Spurts Praise all over TRAUMA & LUCIFERINA

We love Mr. Skin – here is a great website that watches a ton of films and reviews them in context of its nudity and sex factor . We applaud his steadfast dedication, it must be hard. And now with our very upsetting film Trauma and our sexorcism film, Luciferina, Mr. Skin focuses not on the horror but on the skintastic images in the films. 

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“The Trauma (2018) is a horror film about four friends who go on a rural vacation in Chile where they are attacked by a deranged man and his equally twisted son. They team up with two police officers to take these attackers down, but they learn that the terror is way worse than they previously thought. Macarena Carrere and Ximena del Solar play super sexy lovers who get naked with each other and have a deliciously skintastic sex scene. We see full frontal from both foxy ladies! There’s also nothing traumatic about Dominga Bofill whose boobs fill us with material for our spank bank. She also makes out with Macarena Carrere, giving new meaning to doing the Macarena. We’d love to do all three of these girls! ” – Mr. Skin

“Luciferina (2018) follows a nineteen-year-old woman named Natalia played by Sofia Del Tuffo who visits her ailing father back home. While she is there she is inspired to seek out a mystical plant in the jungle where she uncovers another world filled with evil and with Lucifer. She’s a bad girl all on her own, however, which we see when she touches herself in the shower for a super skintillating scene that showcases her funbags. Stefania Koessl also shows off her rack…but she’s also dead in a stairwell. In the world of the living, Sofia spends a lot of time in the movie either in her panties or changing clothes which shows us side views of her perky boobs and buns. At one point she takes off her clothes but covers her boobs and bush with her hands before walking around outside. Darn! We wanted to see her sexy and Satanic crotch. Sofia is later having sex with a demon on an altar and we come so close to seeing her bush, but alas Satan has other plans. That darn Satan is always ruining our skinful hopes and dreams!” – Mr. Skin

And Mr. Skin is an equal opportunity voyeur – here is his thoughts on the men in the films:

“Mysterious men sure are sexy, right? Look no further than Daniel Antivilo and Felipe Rios who share a sensual kiss in a close-up. There’s nothing traumatic about shirtless Daniel getting kissed by a hunky Felipe.”

“Pedro Merlo is our sexy Lucifer who has sex with Natalia, showing his shirtless bod filled with ripped muscles. Yes, he’s a demon and has scary eyes and teeth, but his bod is all human!”


Cinema365 Loves Actress Sophia Del Tuffo in LUCIFERINA


Del Tuffo is an amazing young actress who is absolutely fearless. She is required to be naive innocent, pure of heart novitiate and eventually self-confident action hero and sexually rampant woman. There is a scene that other critics are referring to as a “sexorcism” (which is a bit cheesy but accurate) which is as graphic a sex scene as you’re likely to ever see from a Latin American film.

REASONS TO GO: The performances are pretty solid all around. The gore and the special effects (for the most part) are spot on.
FAMILY VALUES: There is lots of profanity, graphic nudity, sex, graphic violence and gore as well as drug use.
TRIVIAL PURSUIT: This is the first film in a proposed trilogy entitled The Trinity of the Virgins.
BEYOND THE THEATERS: AmazonFandango NowGoogle NowiTunesVudu, YouTube
CRITICAL MASS: As of 12/7/18: Rotten Tomatoes: 100% positive reviews. Metacritic: No score yet.
COMPARISON SHOPPING: Rosemary’s Baby” – Cinema365

Horror Society Gives Artsploitation the Best Xmas Present Ever! A Gushing Review of CHRISTMAS BLOOD

Man, we were not ready for how much the Horror Society loved our anti-holiday film, Christmas Blood. If adjectives were pelvic thrusts, we’d be happily smoking a cigarette by now.

“Ho ho… oh, this one’s pretty good. I know that this time of the year is littered with Christmas horror releases, but honestly, Christmas Blood is easily one of the top two films in the catalog. It’s singlehandedly the best Christmas slasher since Steven Miller’s Silent Night remake. Christmas Blood is so moody it’s almost depressing, which is awesome considering most Christmas movies are filled with holiday cheer and bright lights. This one, in particular, is dark and angsty, and doesn’t leave much room for sympathy as the killer Santa turns his victims into gory messes on the floor or red snow mounds in the street. He’s absolutely brutal and unstoppable, and the perfect villain for a movie that’s supposed to be about love and the gift of giving. The atmosphere is so palpable that you start to forget it’s Christmas time in Norway, and wherever you live as you’re watching, and it’s almost like Christmas Blood becomes an amazing year-round slasher instead of just a December slasher. It’s magical, for sure. Props to writer/director/producer Reinert Kiil, producer Joachim Lyng, cinematographer Benjamin Mosli, editor Silje Rekk and special effects lead Elisabeth Mainy for working in tandem to make Christmas Blood as cohesively bleak as it is retro, suspenseful and chaotic. Few have succeeded in making a Yule Tide title this successful. I didn’t even mind the subtitles! The cinematography, the villain and his epic kills stole the show and are the highlight of the movie. All the actors and actresses involved with this picture did a fantastic job. Christmas Blood is a shocking, brutal movie with splendid splattering practical effects. Its body count is large and epic…Throw in one genuine jump scare and one sadistic as Hell death sequence and Christmas Blood is the perfect present for gore fans. It’s no secret that I loved this movie. It’s a sleeper hit and has so much unexpected material for such a generic synopsis. This is the movie of the season that you don’t want to miss! Final Score: 8.5 out of 10″ – MGDSQUAN, HorrorSociety

‘Snowflake’ and ‘Christmas Blood’ Now Available on Vimeo

Snowflake and Christmas Blood

Now Available on Vimeo

Artsploitation’s newest international releases are currently available to rent or buy on Vimeo.

Watch Snowflake

Take a dash of Tarantino, a splash of Coen brothers, a metric ton of pretzel-logic self-awareness, and a fast-paced series of humorously violent misadventures, and you’re halfway to grasping the magnificent German madness of this bizarre import. Hunting down the murderer of their families in a near-future Berlin, a gang of lowlife characters all want revenge on each other, but along the way they must contend with a myriad of wicked fairytale types—assassins, madmen, a blood-covered angel, and an electric-powered superhero—all apparently come to life through a screenplay written by a demented but clueless dentist. Must be experienced to be believed, and guaranteed to twist your mind.

Watch Christmas Blood

Horror’s Santa-slasher sub-genre mixes with Scandinavian Noir in this bloody Xmas tale. Christmas is a time of peace, love and family. But not for Norway as a psychopath dressed in a Santa Claus suit has been terrorizing them for the past 13 years. For as soon as the caroling starts, this demented Kris Kringle dispenses bloody ax blows regardless of whether you’ve been bad or good. As the holiday approaches on one snow-covered town filled with revelers, a pair of detectives work against time to find and arrest this bearded serial killer. Will they manage to stop this demented St. Nick before he kills again? Director Reinert Kiil (The House, Whore) delivers a dark, disturbing and bloody holiday thriller.



Cryptic Rock gives CHRISTMAS BLOOD 4 out of 5 stars.

We at Artsploitation were a bit conflicted when we were considering acquiring Christmas Blood. Unlike the poster – which offers a fast-moving camp slasher film for the holidays – the actual film takes itself much more seriously. It has blood, and a rampaging Santa but it works better as a noirish thriller. So check it out if you are in the mood for an artsy-ish slatter tale! 

From Cryptic Rock:

“Many will immediately assume that this is a film that is about to be an exercise in silly camp horror. Surprisingly, it is not. That is not to say that it is a film that disguises itself as something particularly profound or high-taste; there is still plenty of blood and scantily clad ladies in this Horror flick, but it does aim for a much weightier tone than many of its similar contemporaries. In many ways, Christmas Blood is actually a mash-up of two genres: Horror and that very particular strain of detective film. Visually, it often borders on noir, and it makes for a unique viewing experience – there is a cool and reserved sensibility to the action you see on screen that contrasts greatly with the content you are watching. Cryptic Rock gives Christmas Blood 4 out of 5 stars. – CrypticRock

WickedChannel Calls LUCIFERINA “Bat Shit Insane”

In actuality, the review by James D of Wicked Channel is mixed, but he throws enough personal confusion to make one either run to watch it or run for the exits! 

“This film is the equivalent of a big bowl of soup. You have so many different ingredients that you are never quite sure which spoonful you will get. The tone and pacing of this film is all over the place. You truly are never quite sure about what direction this film could be heading towards. The last half of this film is so bat shit insane, that to describe what you get to witness would take the fun out of watching it and living thru the experience. It is fun to watch…has some great horror elements and gore moments. If you think about this film, you will be utterly lost.” – WickedChannel

LUCIFERINA is: “bizarre enough to fuel about a dozen “Exorcist” sequels.

“[A] wild demon-possession flick…bizarre enough to fuel about a dozen “Exorcist” sequels. There’s lots of the usual black masses and bloody rituals but the whole picture seems to be winding itself up for the sex-fueled finale, which is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. …fearless.”  – Cherry Hill Courier-Post USA TODAY NETWORK


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The Exorcist

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The Exorcist








LUCIFERINA:, “A steaming brew of lust and black arts thrusting back and forth in wanton carnality.”

“The final 20-plus minutes of Calzada’s film are a literal and figurative mind-fuck, punctuated with blood and populated with sweaty skin being savaged by an evil urgency. It’s as mesmerizing as it is startling, a steaming brew of lust and black arts thrusting back and forth in wanton carnality. For some time, I’ve felt like the demonic possession/exorcism subgenre had depleted itself of any original ideas or provocative imagery.Thankfully, new artistic visions like Song of Solomon and, more impressively, Luciferina have arrived to prove me wrong.” – John W. Allman, Blood Violence & Babes

Film Festival Flix Launches New Artsploitation Films Channel

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Horror and Slasher Fans Will Love CHRISTMAS BLOOD” Says SearchMyTrash

“Fans of the slasher movie will of course love it, because it is well-conceived, its suspense sequences and scares are well-placed, and it’s proper violent for sure. Plus, the snowy Norwegian backdrops do lend a welcomely unusual flavour to the proceedings, and the cast really give the movie their all  – so even if you’re not really into slashers you might like this one, and if you’re a fan, this one’s really for you.” – SearchMyTrash