The Rotting Zombie, “Really Wanted to Love BLOOD PARADISE.” Did He?

“I really wanted to love Blood Paradise and at times it came so close to me feeling that way. However there are moments here that led to frustration with how the story was playing out and being told, though some of those might not even be the fault of the film at all.  There is an undeniable feeling of unease during…moments that wouldn’t seem out of place in films such as Psycho, which is at least a partial inspiration for certain scenes here…There are moments of horror here that can be quite strong at times, in particular a part including a severed finger was a little bit gruesome, yet again darkly humorous at the same time.” – TheRottingZombie

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BLOOD PARADISE: “Pure skin-crawling suspense…a visual treat.” – HK & Film Cult News

“Who’d have thunk it? It turns out Texas doesn’t have a monopoly on clans of tightly-wound yokels suffering from too much isolation and a surfeit of plain old down-home “coo-coo.”  Director Patrick von Barkenberg takes his sweet time letting the story unfold just quickly enough for us to savor every moment of growing unease and mystery as Robin warily observes the actions of her hosts as they grow more suspicious and unsettling….The film itself is a visual treat, each shot nicely composed with lots of little directorial touches that are oddly satisfying.  Performances never go over the top, and the film is refreshingly devoid of the usual jump scares and musical stings. It isn’t even all that gory. Indeed, what happens to Robin (and some other unfortunate people around her) might’ve been turned into the same tired old torture porn working itself into a lather trying to “scare” us, but instead we’re drawn into an increasingly engrossing scenario that carries us along on a wave of pure, skin-crawling suspense.” – HK and Film Cult News

“Fans of exploitation films will get a kick out of RONDO.” – Cinema365

Rondo director Drew Barnhardt is evidently influenced [by grindhouse films]. His latest would feel right at home in Times Square circa 1977. It’s got elements of slasher films, black comedies, psychological thrillers, a revenge epic and even grindhouse porn. Like many grindhouse films of that era, Rondo doesn’t have much of a budget. The effects are practical albeit some occasionally over the top – whoever planted the squibs for the final confrontation had a field day. Therefore, a film like this has to rely on a decent plot – which it has. It also has to rely on decent performances and there we get a little bit dicey as the acting tends to be stiff, perhaps by design. It also has to rely on graphic sex and violence – and the film gets full marks for that. Barnhardt is obviously not afraid to push the envelope on that score…Fans of exploitation films will get a kick out of this one. ” – Cinema365

BLOOD PARADISE, “ISN’T SHIT” says Cultsploitation

“There are two things a movie can do that will guarantee I will watch it. The first is having a beautiful and sexy actress as the main character. The second is related to the first; the actress is willing to bare it all on film. If a movie has those two elements, the rest of the film can be shit for all I care. Blood Paradise checks off those two rules with ease, having Andréa Winter in the lead role, and she gets down and naked several times. A bonus point goes to the fact the film isn’t shit. The story spends a lot of time following Robin and her wandering and snooping habits. I’m not going to complain because Andréa Winter is a competent actress who is super easy on the eyes. I know looks aren’t everything – personality, blah blah blah. Well, shame on you for thinking Andréa Winter is nothing but a woman who looks like a model, as she also co-wrote the movie, a couple of music videos, and has several credits in other areas. She’s also Swedish, so you know…” – Cultsploitation


HorrorDNA: “Patrick von Barkenberg makes a stylish debut” with BLOOD PARADISE

“Director and co-writer Patrick von Barkenberg makes a stylish debut with Blood Paradise…begins as more of a mystery, as our protagonist arrives as a stranger in a strange land before descending into a tale of madness and psychological terror As a character, Robin Richards is well-realized and relatable as a fish out of water in a new environment. She is not prepared for the ordeal she is about to be put through, but shows great strength under pressure. This is a quiet, deliberately paced movie that takes a while to get where it’s going, but steadily builds an uncomfortable atmosphere before it hits its stride. ” – HorrorDNA

BLOOD PARADISE Is reviewed as if a fine wine, “A fun grindhouse-styled adventure laced with some dark comedic sequences and plenty of fine gore.”

“Ranging from the generally bizarre farmer and his eccentric lifestyle to the obsessive fan and his wife that plow their way into the story, the general feeling from the environment is exceptionally creepy that goes hand in hand with the general beauty of the landscape. This explodes into a grisly and violent final half where it’s built entirely on the reversal of those elements to become a fun grindhouse-styled adventure laced with some dark comedic sequences and plenty of fine gore. Tossed off with some solid nudity from those well-qualified to deliver and there’s some generally enjoyable elements to this one.” – DonsHorrorWorld

Aced Mag Says BLOOD PARADISE’s Andrea Winter is “Freaking Awesome”

“Most horror fans are open to anything bloody, sexy and a simple storyline and this film has all of that. In fact, the director, who by the way acts in the movie, and his co-writer, who also acts in the movie, happen to fall into the “perfect storm” of movie making. The film’s a nice piece for your library so every time you want a good laugh and forget your troubles of the day, pull out the Blu-ray and just do it. I must complement the acting of Andrea Winter who does a great job of holding a straight face throughout the dark comedy. She’s freaking awesome.” – AcedMagazine 

BLOOD PARADISE: “Quirky, Sexy, Funny, yet still Fucking Ominous…Awesome!” – MonsterMovieAPP

Watch Larry from Monster Movie APP’s over-the-top positive video review of Blood Paradise!

Quirky, sexy, funny, yet still fucking ominous…if you told the Coen Bothers to make a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre it would be something like this movie… Awesome!” – MonsterMovieAPP

“RONDO promises sex, murder, and revenge, it delivers on those elements in spades.”

One hell of a ride, a manic, off the rails crime thriller that veers into the surreal and violent, a unique vision that takes some bold risks and backs them up in grand style. The narrative here starts off simple enough, then spirals into unexpected places, then begins to ramp up to the finale, where all hell breaks loose and then some. But Rondo grabs your attention right from the jump, with the bizarre visit therapy session and just goes for broke from there, pushing boundaries and defying expectations. The movie is packed with colorful, memorable characters engaged in all kinds of outrageous activities, some just immoral, others more toward the insane end of the spectrum. Even smaller roles stand out, as all the cast members are given characters with quirks and interesting elements to work with. When Rondo promises sex, murder, and revenge, it delivers on those elements in spades. The movie has a remarkable level of polish as well, with slick visuals and technical elements, good production values, and a capable cast, so this isn’t mere shock value, not even close. The shocks and wild twists are here of course, but you’re also bound to notice how well crafted Rondo is, especially being only the second feature film from director Drew Barnhardt. So if you like unpredictable, surreal, take no prisoners cinema with a polished, artistic flair, Rondo is one you shouldn’t miss.

The nakedness here is quite vivid, with bare breasts, naked ass, and of course, full frontal nudity all on showcase. And this is very intimate full frontal, so expect to be able to read lips in this case. Not a lot of scenes with naked flesh, but the ones that do appear are memorable and then some. The movie has some violence as well, including an out of this world finale that takes squib porn to the next level. The blood flies in spectacular fashion and while Rondo doesn’t have rampant crimson throughout, it makes the most of the times the violence escalates. And not just the blood, but how the violence unfolds helps add impact and style to those final sequences. The dialogue is one of the movie’s strong suits, with a host of offbeat lines delivered by the colorful characters. Some are awkward, others absurd, and some just out of left field, but the writing here is a lot of fun and the cast is game to make the most of the material. You also get one of the most intensive pre-sex instructional sessions of all time, delivered in sincere, deadpan style to ramp up the humor. As for craziness, the entire movie just feels unhinged and as if almost anything could happen. The strange plot twists, memorable characters, odd dialogue, and more, not to mention the wild finale, all add to the score, but it is the consistently unsettling atmosphere that makes Rondo so unstable.” –MarcFusion

BLOOD PARADISE Is, “a kinky, sexy, creepy & at times disturbing horror/comedy” – VideoViews

“Let me first say this is not going to be a horror film for everyone. This is more artsy as well as being a little slow moving for most mainstream horror fans. In addition I think it might be a little too sly as well….the film looks great and the cast did a great job playing all the strange characters. But for me the film was made better by the presence of Andréa Winter who plays Robin in the film. Andréa also co-wrote the film with Director, Patrick von Barkenberg who also stars in the film as her boyfriend. She also was the producer on the film as well. To be honest I never heard of Andréa Winter before but I hope to see a lot more of her going forward. She is a talented and beautiful actress that brings sexy to the film. She lights up the screen every time she appears….a kinky, sexy, creepy and at times disturbing horror/comedy that Indie fans should enjoy.  I found the film to be quite entertaining and I look forward to seeing what Andréa Winter has coming next.” – VideoViews