The People’s Movies 10 Best Horror Films of 2018 features Trauma

Four female friends visit rural Chile and open up a disgustingly wriggly can of vicious worms that have grown fat on a diet of raging insanity.

If you make it through the first 5 minutes or so then you will be rewarded with the most disgraceful cinematic sewage pipe in years and the best counter-attack to A Serbian Film bores around.

Solid camera work and brilliantly executed gore effects elevate the film above timider extreme horror fare as its lack of fuck-giving will leave you in need of a hot bleach shower of the mind.

Trauma tries to hide behind a duplicitous charade of social conscience to enable its relentless tides of facial derangement, incestuous vomit rape and general stabbing and limb hacking. However, they are fooling no one as the film slides brazenly into an exploitation cesspit.

This is a truly spiteful and reactionary little movie that will revolt and repel any well-balanced viewer. It also happens to be the purest horror film of the whole year. Watch it if you dare.

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Cinapse Top 15 Action Films Of 2018 includes Artsploitation’s MOLLY

The uncontested winner of the most surprising and left field action film of the year… I wasn’t ready for Molly. I haven’t heard many others from the action community embracing or championing this weird little post-apocalyptic female-fronted fight film, so I will be Molly’s hype man. Coming to us from The Netherlands via Artsploitation Films, Molly is a totally different kind of action hero. She’s got some supernatural powers she doesn’t understand and can’t quite control, but mostly she’s a scrapper and a survivor. The budget limitations are clear, but that just endears me all the more as this team delivers unique action sequences complete with tons of long takes. (The final 30 minutes are a giant siege sequence edited to look like one single shot). Molly brims with ideas and it all builds a rad post-apocalyptic world with a uniquely female point of view. Do not sleep on Molly.

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HorrorHound’s 2018 Top 10 Horror List Features Snowflake

5. Snowflake (Artsploitation):

Director: Adolfo J. Kolmerer and William James

What’s it about: This modern fairy tale of revenge tells the bloody story about a series of characters including a pair life long friends, a leader of a revolution, hitmen, cannibals, an orphan, a god, and more against the backdrop of a revolutionary Europe.

Why it deserves to be where it is: Snowflake is such a wild ride! Whether you find different comparisons to films like Lowlife, Smoking Aces or Pulp Fiction, Snowflake stands on its own with a blend of luck, spirit, and a fearless story. Taking years to fully come together, this box of mismatched puzzle pieces that come together in the most surreal way does what it wants and succeeds. A big winner on the festival circuit, Snowflake’s revenge narrative allows room for characters to fully form and plenty of bloody violence to fill the screen. Containing some unexpected beats of humor, a philosophical edge, and situational dialogue that never allows any of the characters to feel one dimensional, Snowflake will surprise you and enchant you from the first moment to the last.

Stand out scene: Tan and Javid meeting the dentist for the first time.

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“TRAUMA delivered more shock value than a decade’s worth of cinema could ever hope to.”

A thousand scalding showers will not wash away the filth you are about to visually consume. Stop now while you are able! Barely six minutes in and Trauma delivered more shock value than a decade’s worth of cinema could ever hope to. Incest flaunts with rape, cannibalism is a huge part of the foreplay and bodily fluid consumption is commonplace although not delivered in love but rather fueled by spite and disgust. Trauma leaves the viewer with their heart pounding and little room to breathe. The Hills Have Eyes, Haute Tension (aka High Tension, Switchblade Romance), I Spit on Your Grave, Frontieres, Martyrs and The Last House on the Left are only a selection of the films which come to mind while experiencing Trauma as it offers a smorgasbord of stunning visual atrocities and monstrous scenarios to absorb. The tension is highly effective, palpable and unrelenting and the violence displayed without fear of reprisal, brutal and often gag inducing for those not accustomed to the like. Trauma succeeds on many levels, it seethes with sexuality and also horrifies, often in the same instant, yanking the viewer’s emotional response to and fro much like a buoy in a tsunami intent on utter devastation. In short, Trauma is a powerful slab of celluloid that boasts striking performances and doesn’t shy away from tearing the proverbial ‘envelope’ into shreds. Trauma certainly isn’t meant for the faint-hearted, though is recommended for those who like their cinema raw, shocking and slathered in scenarios which aren’t at all too far-fetched. Lucio Rojas has created that which has been lacking as of late, a feature that though given a scant budget parameter delivers all it promises and is well deserved of a spot in the collection next to classics you don’t wish to boast to anyone other than close friends.” – CultMetalFlix

SNOWFLAKE “A feast for the senses… it kicks ass!” – CultMetalFlix

“Snowflake is quite simply a feast for the senses. I must mention a single line which I believe stole the film and deserves inclusion in every TCM (Texas Chainsaw Massacre for those not familiar with such abbreviated lingo)  film be it a rehash or the original; “Why are you carrying that chainsaw?” Sporting commendable acting, excellent directing, an intriguing story line which meshes together as the film plays out and intriguing dialogue, be it character interaction or otherwise, that’s often-hilarious Snowflake demands attention, especially, if like me you have a soft spot for movies with a delicious dark edge, varied direction, humor and subtitles. Keep an eye out for this one, it arrived out of the blue to knock me onto my sizable derriere.” – CultMetalFlix

LUCIFERINA Is, “Spectacular…5 stars” – Don’sHorrorWorld

Spectacular…Overall, this one had so much to really like about it that there’s not much to hold it back as everything here comes off to the point of being a wholly enjoyable effort. Give this a chance if you’re in the slightest bit intrigued by religious-heavy horror”  *****/5 – DonsHorrorWorld

Christmas Blood is the Love Child of Se7en, Halloween and Black Christmas

Christmas Blood feels like Se7en, Halloween, and Black Christmas had a love child that was raised in the bleakest region of Norway.  The movie feels like a cold snowy night and that is perfect. There is plenty to like about this movie. …would I recommend this movie? You bet your jingle bells I would! – TennesseeHorror

SNOWFLAKE Is “One of the Best Movies of the Year” – Cinema365

“A genre-bending, boundary-pushing mash-up that is as unique and totally original a movie you’ll see this year and maybe this decade. This is the kind of movie that Quentin Tarantino would love. The performances are solid throughout. The humor here is biting and sometimes jarring and even whimsical and the action is well-staged. This is easily one of the best films of the year and one I would recommend to any film lover anywhere.” – Cinema365

HorrorGeekLife: CHRISTMAS BLOOD a “bloody sleigh ride.”

Christmas Blood delivers the jolly goods. The setting is beautiful…[and] gory enough to suffice the thirst of horror fans. Christmas Blood was an enjoyable, bloody sleigh ride that will make a great addition to your holiday-horror binge-fests.” – HorrorGeekLife 

“Hyper-stylish what-the-fuck filmmaking” FilmPhreak Says of SNOWFLAKE

In the tonal vein of Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino, Germany’s Snowflake brings an ensemble of insanity to the viewer. It channels multiple plotlines in a hyper-stylish what-the-fuck of filmmaking. It does a little reality bending, too, going meta with the first oddball story it introduces. Both crime and horror violence share screen time with the film’s sense of humor, the blood and chuckles frequently overlapping, The eclectic ensemble of plots and people and textures is an embarrassment of riches. Snowflake knows how to navigate around its maze of meta mind-fuckery. It ably keeps the viewer on its toes and in suspense rather than confused and befuddled. – FilmPhreak