DO IT YOURSELF Is, “pure fun…a real joy to watch!” – SearchMyTrash

Do It Yourself  is, above all else … pure fun, really…the plot really takes backseat behind the film’s sheer joy of storytelling…And all of this is done in a very light-footed way, with the tongue constantly in cheek but never crossing over to just being moronic – making this one a real joy to watch!” — SearchMyTrash

THE HOUSE Is “Dark, Moody and Atmospheric” – The Rotting Zombie

While not entirely positive, Daniel Simmonds of TheRottingZombie review of The House, was complimentary but overall not all that positive. But his analysis is top notch.

“This is more of a paranormal horror that mixes elements of demonic possession, as well as more ghostly goings on…Nothing in this movie is explained and I think that works in its favour. I have my thoughts on what this was about. The House is a slow burn of a film that at times feels more like a character piece drama than a traditional horror…Doors slamming, objects moving of their own record, sighted apparitions, these are about as eventful as The House gets, yet they are persistent giving the house a feeling of dull horror to the people who find themselves trapped there. Much like Chriric, yet never really gets going enough to be truly scary. ” — TheRottingZombie


Cryptic Rock Calls THE HOUSE, “Fantastic character-driven Supernatural/Horror film – 4.5* out of 5”

“Writer/Director Reinert Kiil (The Whore 2009, Christmas Blood 2017) knows a thing or three on how to make a haunted-house movie work, and accomplishes this with his latest release The House (aka Huset). Kiil turns the tables on the haunted-house theme, trading mediocre and typical for a genuinely spooky, overly involving Horror movie based around the dastardly events of WWII. The greatest strength of The House is how much mood, spook, and atmosphere Kiil brings to the forefront….Three characters, and one house: Despite what horrific nature occurs within the film—the small cast, and simple surrounding make for an intimate viewing. The dialogue is quite good, filled not with a single ounce of cliché. The cinematography is a highlight, too… Actor Mats Reinhardt (Die Rosenheim-Cops series, Der Reichstag 2017) gives his character, Nazi-colonel Jurgen Kreiner, the straight-faced, yet calm, and all-together treatment, which just adds so much depth to the story. ..A truly great actor, Reinhardt’s portrayal in The House will not be forgotten…The House is a fantastic character-driven Supernatural/Horror film. Reinert Kiil has proven himself a great writer and director, and had an amazing bunch of actors make his House come to life. That is why Cryptic Rock give The House 4.5 out of 5 stars, and strongly suggests heeding to “rule #3.” If more proof is needed as to why—then you would have to see The House to understand.” —  CrypticRock

the house 3 - The House (Movie Review)the house 1 - The House (Movie Review)

Trauma has delivered more shock value than a decade’s worth of cinema could ever hope to – ‘Drunk in a Graveyard’

Trauma Review

“Inspired by true events”

Chile 1978


When a film opens with a scene blistering with savagery of this caliber it’s hard not to be in two minds about continuing. A part of the viewer is euphoric with a burst of adrenaline as if to say I’ve hit the mother-lode; this film looks like it will most definitely deliver. Whilst the other part screams turn it off, turn it off. A thousand scalding showers will not wash away the filth you are about to visually consume. Stop now while you are able!

Barely six minutes in and Trauma has delivered more shock value than a decade’s worth of cinema could ever hope to, barring of course the obvious occasional gems.

Read Entire Review HERE

ItsBloggingEvil! Says THE HOUSE is a, “Diabolical descent into invigorating terror.”
“[Reinert] Kiil typically trends with shock horror, but with The House, there is an expansion upon his range as a filmmaker while remaining in a field he’s finds most endearing, pulling inspiration from his childhood memory vault of B-movie horror schlock and nostalgia grandeur, and dapples with replacing his guts and gory showmanship with slowly developing and instilling fear, especially with fear of the unknown and fear of change…The House is non-exuberant horror diverging toward exploring the filmmaker’s unlimited possibilities and with its diabolical descent into invigorating terror, Norway cinema has an abundance of sheer promise for the future of horror.” – Steven Lewis, Its Bloggin’ Evil!
NeverMore Horror: THE HOUSE is “good haunting horror”

The House (Huset) ~ Review


DoBlu Calls LUCIFERINA, “A dark, chaotic and brutal horror movie.”

“Taking a cue from films like The Omen and Rosemary’s Baby, director Gonzalo Calzada (ResurrectionThe Clairvoyant’s Prayer) has crafted a unique satanic thriller that owes as much to shamanism as it does Catholicism. The sinister Spanish-language movie has fresh ideas for the genre framed in new and creative ways. This is a film that takes its horror seriously and approaches the religious themes with conviction… A dark, chaotic and brutal horror movie…. After decades of derivative Exorcist retreads and Omenrip-offs, Luciferina makes for an interesting and sinister twist to the standard satanic chiller. This is not a horror movie that will gain critical acceptance from the mainstream, but it’s an intense excursion for real horror fans.” – DoBlu

THE HOUSE Is “A slow-burn supernatural haunter with an arthouse aesthetic.” – CultureCrypt

“A slow-burn supernatural haunter with an arthouse aesthetic whose emphasis is on aura instead of action. Reinert Kiil crafts a compelling, simple concept from a chilly, wintry setting with intriguing period tones.  Connecting with its creepiness just requires a deep appreciation of tiptoeing down haunted hallways, constant creaking, the persistent metronome of a pendulum clock, etc. The House has it where it counts for atmospheric fear factor. ” CultureCrypt

DO IT YOURSELF Is the Dark Horse DVD Release for March

Do It Yourself Comes Out on DVD and VOD
Tarantinoesque Crime Actioner From Greece Explodes Off the Screen


Think of countries where guns-blazing, action-packed genre films are made and Greece probably is not on the top of the list. But AFI grad Dimitris Tsilifonis proves to be the exception with this hyperventilating crime thriller. Artsploitation Films will release the film March 5th on DVD and select VOD outlets.

Synopsis: Small-time crook and ex-con Alkis is double-crossed by an ex-cellmate and finds himself trapped in a working porn studio where his shady, trigger-happy accomplices have no intention of letting him out alive. The disheveled crook has only one option – to escape by any means possible.

The House will be available March 5th on DVD and Digital HD, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, InDemand and more.

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Title: Do It Yourself; Director/Screenwriter: Dimitris Tsilifonis; Country: Greece; Year: 2017; Running Time: 98 minutes; Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1; Language: Greek with English subtitles; Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1; UPC: 851597006704

Do It Yourself – Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

SearchMyTrash: THE HOUSE “has its audience at the edge of their seats and glued to the screen.”

The House is a great exercise in atmospheric filmmaking: thanks to a great location, great camerawork and a well-paced narrative approach (coupled with solid performances of course), this is a movie that still has its audience at the edge of their seats and glued to the screen, and it’s also something sure to remain with one for a few days after watching, and chillingly so.” – SearchMyTrash