BLOOD PARADISE: “Quirky, Sexy, Funny, yet still Fucking Ominous…Awesome!” – MonsterMovieAPP

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Quirky, sexy, funny, yet still fucking ominous…if you told the Coen Bothers to make a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre it would be something like this movie… Awesome!” – MonsterMovieAPP

“RONDO promises sex, murder, and revenge, it delivers on those elements in spades.”

One hell of a ride, a manic, off the rails crime thriller that veers into the surreal and violent, a unique vision that takes some bold risks and backs them up in grand style. The narrative here starts off simple enough, then spirals into unexpected places, then begins to ramp up to the finale, where all hell breaks loose and then some. But Rondo grabs your attention right from the jump, with the bizarre visit therapy session and just goes for broke from there, pushing boundaries and defying expectations. The movie is packed with colorful, memorable characters engaged in all kinds of outrageous activities, some just immoral, others more toward the insane end of the spectrum. Even smaller roles stand out, as all the cast members are given characters with quirks and interesting elements to work with. When Rondo promises sex, murder, and revenge, it delivers on those elements in spades. The movie has a remarkable level of polish as well, with slick visuals and technical elements, good production values, and a capable cast, so this isn’t mere shock value, not even close. The shocks and wild twists are here of course, but you’re also bound to notice how well crafted Rondo is, especially being only the second feature film from director Drew Barnhardt. So if you like unpredictable, surreal, take no prisoners cinema with a polished, artistic flair, Rondo is one you shouldn’t miss.

The nakedness here is quite vivid, with bare breasts, naked ass, and of course, full frontal nudity all on showcase. And this is very intimate full frontal, so expect to be able to read lips in this case. Not a lot of scenes with naked flesh, but the ones that do appear are memorable and then some. The movie has some violence as well, including an out of this world finale that takes squib porn to the next level. The blood flies in spectacular fashion and while Rondo doesn’t have rampant crimson throughout, it makes the most of the times the violence escalates. And not just the blood, but how the violence unfolds helps add impact and style to those final sequences. The dialogue is one of the movie’s strong suits, with a host of offbeat lines delivered by the colorful characters. Some are awkward, others absurd, and some just out of left field, but the writing here is a lot of fun and the cast is game to make the most of the material. You also get one of the most intensive pre-sex instructional sessions of all time, delivered in sincere, deadpan style to ramp up the humor. As for craziness, the entire movie just feels unhinged and as if almost anything could happen. The strange plot twists, memorable characters, odd dialogue, and more, not to mention the wild finale, all add to the score, but it is the consistently unsettling atmosphere that makes Rondo so unstable.” –MarcFusion

BLOOD PARADISE Is, “a kinky, sexy, creepy & at times disturbing horror/comedy” – VideoViews

“Let me first say this is not going to be a horror film for everyone. This is more artsy as well as being a little slow moving for most mainstream horror fans. In addition I think it might be a little too sly as well….the film looks great and the cast did a great job playing all the strange characters. But for me the film was made better by the presence of Andréa Winter who plays Robin in the film. Andréa also co-wrote the film with Director, Patrick von Barkenberg who also stars in the film as her boyfriend. She also was the producer on the film as well. To be honest I never heard of Andréa Winter before but I hope to see a lot more of her going forward. She is a talented and beautiful actress that brings sexy to the film. She lights up the screen every time she appears….a kinky, sexy, creepy and at times disturbing horror/comedy that Indie fans should enjoy.  I found the film to be quite entertaining and I look forward to seeing what Andréa Winter has coming next.” – VideoViews

Wicked Channel Give BLOOD PARADISE a Rave Review! “Creative & Unique..Smart & Calculated”

“The genre BLOOD PARADISE falls into is pieces of so many genres. It has elements of horror mixed with a deeply involving character development that peaks this absurd humor. All the while, swimming in a very sexual pool. This film wants you to build anticipation of what you think is coming with a sense of comfort only to pull it out from you. This film really pays off with a well thought-out script. You can tell a lot of thought was put into each scene and how they play out. This film likes to stick the audience with a knife and then twist it and turn till you are trying to figure out how the knife not only got there in the first place but how can it leave. This film feels like peeking through the keyhole to a life that you know is heading towards an unpredictable car wreck. …you will thank me once you watch it. This film is creative and unique, but yet smart and calculated. It has a very odd sexual vibe to it that made me cringe in a weird way. This film at times reminded me of a perverted Calvaire.” – WickedChannel

Exclusive Blood Paradise Clip from Bloody Disgusting

Summer holidays can be deadly in the entertainingly off-kilter Blood Paradise. This English-language, filmed-in-Swedish horror-thriller from first-time producer-director Andréa Winter and Patrick von Barkenberg will be released on DVD, Blu-ray (with extras) and on a selection of VOD platforms July 16th through Artsploitation.

In the film…

“Reeling after her latest novel flops, best-selling crime writer Robin Richards (Andréa Winter) is sent by her publisher to the Swedish countryside to regain inspiration. Instead of relaxation, she comes across an assortment of peculiar and possibly dangerous characters. The beautiful and stylish young woman soon discovers just how dangerous farm life can be.”

Check out this exclusive clip to go along with some stills, the trailer and art:

Exclusive ‘Blood Paradise’ Clip Leads to a Gruesome Murder [Video]

“Drew Barnhardt’s RONDO Is Exploitation Done Right” – Crypt Teaze

Rondo, the latest effort from writer/director Drew Barnhardt (Murder Loves Killers Too), aims to please. Even the poster art itself suggests an exploitation style that many recent releases failed to fully facilitate…Rondo is a combination of thriller, comedy, and what genre could accurately hold this title is the mystery. It holds many of the aspects of the traditional exploitation film elements, but not much of the style of cinematography. With a cheery score and an omniscient narrator, the dark subject matter helps even out the pace and emotion throughout the film, despite many situations or scenes that should have you on the edge of your seat. A major redeeming aspect of this film is its resilient plot line. With the help of each character’s unique personality, another knot tightens and another bullet fills the chamber providing a climax suitable for such a peculiar arrangement. If it doesn’t fill you with thrills, it’s certain to ensure that you’ll not want to look away.” – Crypt Teaze

DO IT YOURSELF Is, “Action-Packed…Genuinely Funny” – Cinema 365

“This Greek action-packed dramedy owes a lot to both Tarantino and Scorsese in equal measures…There are some genuinely funny moments that lighten the frenetic mood, as well as some ingenious Rube Goldberg-like inventions that Alkis creates. The cinematography is slick and crisp which give a sense of realism to the film…Movies like this don’t come on down the pike very often and while the film is certainly flawed, the entertainment value is pretty high all things considered.” – Cinema365

BLOOD PARADISE Is a “Surprising genre film that’s well worth a watch” – SearchMyTrash

“Now this one certainly is one of the more unusual entries into the horror genre, basically a psycho thriller with traces of slasher, character study and even absurd comedy, all rolled into one, into a story that obviously enjoys to twist and turn and play with audience expectations. And the directorial effort really plays into the hands of the script here, betting on understatement most of the time to let things develop to full effect rather naturally. And of course a solid cast helps as well to turn this into a rather interesting and surprising genre film that’s well worth a watch.” – SearchMyTrash

“Visually Beautiful and Strangely Funny.” Amos Lassen Says of BLOOD PARADISE

“Director Patrick von Barkenberg (who also plays Robin’s boyfriend) gives us his debut feature that is visually beautiful and strangely funny due to his choice of offbeat humor. It is Andrea Winter who keeps the film grounded and who holds our attention throughout.  It is both tightly wound and loose. This is an actor’s film with both Winters and Christer Cavallius as Hans giving excellent performances that bring their characters to life.  They stand juxtaposed as well developed caricatures—the priss and the pervert and this is what gives the film its success.” – Amos Lassen

TERROR 5 Recalls the Sex of Pier Paolo Pasolini and the Gore of Dario Argento Says Cinema365

“Actually a terrific film. The psycho-sexual aspects recall Pier Paolo Pasolini, while the gore recalls the work of Dario Argento. There is an undercurrent of rage here; oppression by authority figures permeates all of the stories. People are either pushed to violence, or are subsumed by the violence of their oppressors. It is rare that a horror film is as politically astute as this one is. If you’re willing to put up with reading the titles, you are likely to find this a worthy investment of time. If you like your horror with a healthy dose of kinky sex, you’re definitely going to need to look this one up.” – Cinema365