10kbullets: SNOWFLAKE is a Modern-Day Grimm Fairy Tale…But More Sinister!

“Snowflake takes all the Grimm Fairy Tales familiar elements and turns them on their head. Without a doubt, this film’s strongest asset is its inventive premise. Characters destinies are constantly being altered by an author who is composing a screenplay as the story unfolds. And this gives the film an anything can happen vibe that greatly works to its advantage. From a production standpoint, there is not an area where this film does not deliver and then some. The well-constructed narrative moves along at a brisk moment and there is rarely a moment to your breath. The characters are well-defined and their motivations are never in doubt. Performance wise the cast are all very good in their respective roles. Ultimately, Snowflake is a modern-day return to Fairy Tales with a more sinister tone.” – 10kbullets 

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Christmas May be Over, but the Killings Never Stop in CHRISTMAS BLOOD

“[A] yuletide splattering spectacular. Kiil writes and directs a new horror-holiday classic of the Norwegian variety that turns the jolly, red nose, cookie-eating fat guy into an axe wielding maniac. Christmas Blood is a retro-grade horror film that very merrily feels like a product of the Golden Age of slasher-survival genre from the 1980’s with a powerful and unstoppable aggressive killer, a delectable high body count.” – ItsBlogginEvil

Bloody Disgusting’s “Horror’s 10 Most Disturbing Moments of 2018!” Include TRAUMA

Bloody Disgusting released its “Horror’s 10 Most Disturbing Moments of 2018!” and the “winners” included Lucio A. Rojas’ Trauma. To be honest, not a shock by anyone here in the Artsploitation offices but the real surprise was that the film won for not just a single moment but for the entire film.

Here is what  wrote: 

Trauma – All of it  Meet this year’s A Serbian Film. Written and directed by Lucio A. Rojas, Trauma is an indictment on the political horrors of Chile’s recent past, specifically the military dictatorship of Pinochet. In other words, it’s a malicious onslaught of extreme horror not for the weak hearted. It’s graphic, it’s sickening, and effectively repugnant. It opens with a boy being forced to have sex with his mother for being a communist. That’s just the opening. Rape, incest, necrophilia, torture, pain, and lots of gore, Rojas unleashes a deep well of pent-up rage on screen. It’s savage and gut-churning.




Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive with this “Slaughter Fest!” – MorbidlyBeautiful

“Christmas Blood is a Christmas horror with an ominous retro feel, much like John Carpenter’s classic film HalloweenI really enjoyed the dark, dreary and bleak cinematography. It really set the mood for all the killing. The snow looked real, and the victims looked so cold it made me shiver. The outdoor chase scenes were chilling. The acting was top notch too, even if the characters were mostly unlikable. The better to ax you with, my dears!  I enjoyed this cold and bloody Christmas Eve slaughter fest. Christmas Blood holds its own, even if just for the gratuitous gore alone. And since we can’t help but hate almost every character in the film, it’s not hard to watch them die, one, by one. Merry Christmas!” – MorbidlyBeautiful

Horror News Calls CHRISTMAS BLOOD, “Good bloody fun…a cool little slasher flick”

“While it may not be as awesome as Silent Night, Deadly Night I still thought it was a fun little movie that works for several reasons and helped put me in the Christmas spirit this year. Not only does Christmas Blood have a nice Halloween-like vibe to it but it just feels like an old school slasher flick in general and if you ask me that is always a great thing. In many ways the movie is an awesome combination of Halloween, the original Black Christmas, and Silent Night, Deadly Night and since I love all three of those movies, I really dug Christmas Blood as a result. I was also happy that the movie has an impressive body count and most of the death scenes are nice and bloody. Santa isn’t playing around here and is obviously enjoys taking out his victims with his axe. Since I love blood and guts, I wasn’t let down and I had a blast watching Santa go to work. I also dug the fact that it looks like the filmmakers just used practical effects as it doesn’t appear to be any crappy CGI anywhere to be found here…If you’re looking for a new Christmas-themed horror flick to watch this year during the holidays look no further than Christmas Blood. I’ll admit that it may not be for every taste and pales in comparison to classics like Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas but it is still a lot of good, bloody fun and just a cool little slasher flick in general. Check it out when you get the chance, I think you may be pleasantly surprised.” – HorrorNews

“Sit back and enjoy the ride.” – FanGirlNation Says of LUCIFERINA

“I never expected something so involved and inventive…I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen, and I truly loved that. It has just enough mystery to keep you interested without frustrated, and the story has an enchanted quality that you are in no hurry. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride. The last half-hour is both startling and beautiful…it is both performed and shot with such angelic excellence that it makes a beautiful statement about the power of the human body when you are finally one with your own mind. – FanGirlNation

CHRISTMAS BLOOD, “Isn’t a Terrible Film” – TheRottingZombie

We want all our esteemed critics to enjoy our films, but with our off kilter taste in films, that is far from possible. So we take the hits along with the praise, but TheRottingZombie’s well-thought out passive-aggressive review caught our attention. Of course we want you to buy the film and decide for yourself! 

“I really wanted to like this horror and to be fair I didn’t think it was awful. It had a lot of good things going for it. Firstly like the snow itself the camera work and quality is crisp and clean adding an element of class to this. A big complaint I did have though is just how dark the movie as a whole seems. The killer himself I didn’t think was too bad…The black humour comes into play with his kills, one victim has a snowman built around him so his head is sticking out the top, the killer keeps severed heads in his sack, and some of the blood from victims comes out in almost geysers of gore! Christmas Blood isn’t a terrible film, and I liked the snow filled Norwegian setting, yet I didn’t feel completely on board with how this plays out. A little too dark, and maybe a little too serious, the killer maybe memorable, but much of the rest of the cast do nothing to make them stand out.” – TheRottingZombie

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LUCIFERINA, “Captivating Fever Dream from the Jungles of Argentina” – InsidePulse

Luciferina is a hypnotic charmer that isn’t out to merely get you to jump out of your seats with a few well placed shocker moments. If you enjoy your horror with a devilish intent, Luciferina is a captivating fever dream from the jungles of Argentina that won’t let go of your eyes. – InsidePulse


FilmPhreak Calls LUCIFERINA’s Climax, “Both Horrific and beautiful.”

“The imagery, both in the ritual and beyond, runs a gamut from gruesome to simply startling. LUCIFERINA takes some advantage of its occultic reproductive theme to forge some of these images and actions onscreen….the denouement is a bout of eye-popping erotica that seems the perfect, er, climax to the movie. It’s both horrific and beautiful.  – FilmPhreak

SNOWFLAKE an “Ambitious Low Budget Carnival of Chaos” Says Alien Bee
“Bottom line is, Snowflake has been labeled as this dark German fairy tale but there’s so much more to this ambitious low budget carnival of chaos. The movie was definitely influenced by Pulp Fiction with its heavy back and forth dialogue as well as the uber violence but Snowflake is also its own unique beast because of the fantasy element and bizzareness of it all. The story is interesting and all the characters were fun to follow. This is complex storytelling by the director because each character has their own story to tell and the movie itself jumps back and forth from the present to the past as it reveals what actually happened to set everything off in the first place. It’s a wild story of revenge but it’s also an insane story of redemption and the crazy journey to make things right.” – AlienBee