TERROR 5, “Will turn viewers on” says Cryptic Rock

From Cryptic Rock, the music and horror film website, is this review of TERROR 5

“The world’s current and seemingly growing state of political and social unrest makes for quite the platform on which this film has made its own meaningful, mimetic stand against authority, power, and the egregious abuses of such. Much in the same way that Shock Horror films like Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1975 movie Salό and Srdjan Spasojevic’s 2010 movie A Serbian Film have exploited sex as a medium to controversially convey an underlying, more doctrinally pensive meaning, so has this newest addition to the genre, Terror 5.

terror 5 3 - Terror 5 (Movie Review)

Terror 5 still.

Though greatly more dialed back and not nearly as abhorrent or graphic as those previously mentioned, Terror 5 was written by Sebastian Rotstein with the help of Nicolas Gueilburt (El bonaerense 2002, The Vampire Spider 2012), and directed by both Rotstein and his brother Federico, who previously worked together in 2013 on Rabbit 105 and Historia Breves 8.

In addition to those who made this film happen, credit must also be given to the cast which was featured in each strange and stimulating sequence. It starred Lu Grasso and Augusto Alvarez making their acting debuts, Cecilia Cartasegna (Clementina 2017, All Night Long 2015), Julian Larquier (La flor 2018La Flor: Tercera Parte 2018), Gaston Cocchiarale (The Clan 2015I Am Toxic 2018), Walter Cornas (Plaga Zombie 1997, Filmatron 2007), Agustin Ritano (Historia breves 12 2016Packing Heavy 2018), Juan Barberini (The Fire 2015Rompiente 2018), Rafael Ferro (Ciega a citas 2009Lalola 2007), and Jorge Prad (La flor 2018, Ashes of Paradise 1997).

Terror 5 had extremely curious, attention-grabbing story-lines that sometimes entangled and bled together to the point to where it made it a little difficult to distinguish between stories. The plot centered on progressively peculiar events that occurred one strange night in a small Argentinian town which had erupted in complete and total turmoil. Perversions within political and academic arenas, greed, hate, and lust result in an unforgettable night of snuff films, dangerous date-swapping, igniting the inferior, unleashing the unstable, punishing the powerful, and justifying pragmatic justice.

terror 5 2 - Terror 5 (Movie Review)

Terror 5 still.

With that being said, and even more being left to the imagination, it should be noted that on the surface, there were some elements of this movie which paled in actual comparison to the overall understanding ultimately gained by viewers once its meaning was revealed [or realized] beneath its depths. One viewing is just not enough to experience and really be able to appreciate all this film has to offer. The performances were enjoyable for the most part, as the actors and actresses effectively played the roles they were tasked with; with the exception of the small shreds of cheese being shed here and there.

There always seemed to be this recurring theme of duality that played throughout; good vs evil, justice vs injustice, teacher vs pupil, love vs hate, powerful vs powerless, dead vs living, abused vs abuser, etc. There was also this consistent but subtly subversive undertone that made viewers constantly question who the monsters were, who the victims were, and who the heroes were; which was mostly made apparent in the symbology of the lighting and certain other color and element choices made throughout.

Speaking of colors, blue, red, and green were very prominent hues found within this movie. As it just so happens, blue is a color on the Argentinian flag which is meant to represent vigilance, truth, loyalty, perseverance, and justice. Meanwhile, red can almost always be reflective of power, hate, warning, passion, lust, violence, and war; and green, though not as frequently observed, could be interpreted as jealousy, greed, and of course, wealth.

The sharp cinematography and use of chiaroscuro created components of a Film Noir that gave it an extra little added dash of dramatic flair without ever making it feel too over the top. Even the dialogue – which expressed abuses of power and the need for balance in an almost poetic manner at times – was able to be translated over a variety of circumstances and situations; and thus, making it that much more relatable in perspective and substance to viewers.

terror 5 1 - Terror 5 (Movie Review)

Terror 5 still.

The gore and special effects were handled well in most sequences, neither becoming excessive nor ever really lacking; though at the end, there were moments when it felt like there could have been just a little bit more effort afforded in that sense. There was also a specific segment that may have been lost in translation on viewers, because even after a couple of viewings there was still so many more questions left than answers to how it all fit together.

The only other really disappointing aspect of this movie was something that is to be expected with any foreign, subbed film, and that is the fact that language barriers made it difficult for viewers to gather the full scope or picture of what may have been happening. This was especially because they could have potentially missed out on nuances or context hidden in the written word/cultural references and/or surroundings which were not translated. Slang and lingo must also be considered, and how accurately they are able to be translated.

Terror 5 is a movie that will turn viewers on and probably trip them out once they realize the almost certainly ominous object of their salacious contemplations; which is why Cryptic Rock gives this film 3 out of 5 stars.

“Dripping with an undercurrent of silent menace” – The Rotting Zombie says of FIRSTBORN

Firstborn has great atmosphere throughout, it is dripping with an undercurrent of silent menace, and Znotins puts in a fantastic central performance that is complimented by some effective cinematography and directing.” – TheRottingZombie

FIRSTBORN Is “Remarkable…Disturbing” – Search My Trash

Firstborn is quite a remarkable film as it manages to blend a revenge thriller with a very archaic drama of self discovery and a quite disturbing character study, all told in a way that leaves much of the story open to interpretation. This is of course due to a clever script that’s helped by a directorial effort that does rely on strong imagery while at the same time giving the cast enough room to breathe life into their characters, and that said, the acting’s strong as well. Quite an unusual experience that’s well worth one’s while.” – SearchMyTrash

RONDO: “Darkly sexual, wildly entertaining, totally twisted” Says Amos Lassen

“Drew Barnhardt’s Rondo is a darkly sexual, craftily stylized and wildly entertaining crime and revenge melodrama. It is also totally twisted….We are reminded of the exploitation classics of the Sixties and Seventies. ” –Reviews by Amos Lassen

“Rondo is a twisted little movie, albeit twisted in the best way” – Bloody Disgusting

“There are no gimmicks, no clues that it will get around to be being a brutal and downright nasty revenge movie”

“Rondo is a twisted little movie, albeit twisted in the best way.”

In the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and Brian De Palma’s Body Double, Drew Barnhardt‘s Rondo (read our review) is said to be “a sexy, funny, and distinctly modern update to the suspense thriller.” Artsploitation Films will release the film festival and critics favorite on DVD and VOD June 4th.

Complete BLOODY DISGUSTING article on the release of RONDO can be read HERE 

“It’s twisted in its story structure, it’s twisted in its depraved dialogue, twisted in its willingness to get insanely bloody and show us something we’re positive it’s not going to show us. It’s a movie made with real confidence, one which feels fresh and exciting as it unfolds – it’s only afterwards that you realize Drew Barnhardt has found a new way to skin a cat.”


Pulp-Drenched Rondo Out on DVD & VOD June 4th

Pulp-Drenched Rondo Out on DVD & VOD June 4th
Part Black Comedy, Part Slasher, Part Revenge Thriller. All Exploitation!

Paying homage to the grindhouse features of the 1960s & ’70s, Drew Barnhardt’s Rondo is a darkly sexual, craftily stylized and wildly entertaining crime and revenge melodrama. This film festival and critics favorite will come out on DVD and VOD June 4th.

“Twisted” – Bloody Disgusting
“A classic in the making” – Starburst Magazine
“A pulp novel come to life…thoroughly entertaining.” – Haddonfield Horror
“A modern day low-budget exploitation masterpiece.” – Nightmarish Conjurings
“Amazingly blackly funny and extremely violent!” – Beneath the Underground
“Its sleaze is a class act.” – Eye For Eye

Synopsis: Paul, a troubled young veteran, is told by a psychiatrist that sex is the solution to his dependency and drinking problems. But things turns out otherwise as Paul and his sister are sucked into a criminal underworld where sex and murder are daily specials and revenge is served piping hot.

Title: Rondo: Director: Drew Barnhardt; Starring: Luke Sorge, Brenna Otts, Ketrick “Jazz” Copeland, Gena Shaw; Country: USA; Year: 2018; Running Time: 88 minutes; Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1; Language: English; Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1; UPC: 851597006759; SRP: $14.95

Special DVD Features:
Director’s Commentary
Delete Scenes
Selected music commentaries with composer Ryan Franks (27 min)
The artwork of Rondo (poster art and lobby cards set to music) (3 min)


Rondo – Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

THE HOUSE: “Ominous and Will Creep You Out” – Mother of Movies

“The film was made for around €60,000 ($67k US) but has a large big budget feel. The House has just the right amount of shading to give it a fantastic ominous atmosphere…this film definitely has the ability to creep you out. If you’re a fan of soldiers in the snow with lots of creepy visuals and a good story then I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for Nazi gore melting in the soft white landscape then this is not that type of movie.” – MotherOfMovies

Latvian Thriller Firstborn Is Released on DVD and VOD

Latvian Thriller Firstborn Is Released on DVD and VOD
A Penetrating Tale of Masculinity and Revenge


Artsploitation Films announces the DVD and Digital release of the Lavian thriller Firstborn directed by Aik Karapetian (The Man in the Orange Jacket). The film is a subtle and quietly devastating thriller about a man whose masculinity is put in question by his wife after his feeble reaction to a mugging. He then feels compelled to exact revenge on his attacker.

“A mean, menacing undercurrent slithers through Firstborn. It’s not easily dismissed…a rather shattering drama, wrapped in the clothing of a very tense, slow-boiling thriller.” – Screen Anarchy

Firstborn – Trailer from artsploitation on Vimeo.

Firstborn on DVD: Amazon
Firstborn on VOD: Amazon Prime Video and

Firstborn; Director: Aik Karapetian; Country: Lavia; Year: 2017; Running Time: 90 minutes; Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1; Language: Latvian with English subtitles; Aspect Ratio:  2.39:1UPC: 851597006698; SRP:$9.99

An intense yet coolly observed psychological thriller from Latvian director Aik Karapetian (The Man in the Orange Jacket). Francis is a meek middle-aged architect trapped in an unhappy with his younger wife Katrina. After a party, the childless couple are robbed by a thuggish young motorcyclist. Disappointed by her husband’s feeble reaction to the attacker, their relationship further deteriorates. The bespectacled Francis, his long dormant masculinity now ignited, seeks and finally confronts the man, an encounter which ends in the accidental death of the thief. The violent outcome seems to bring the two together and the wife soon becomes pregnant. But when a menacing blackmailer enters the picture, Francis now must fight for his very manhood. A mesmerizing and unnerving tale.

The Bloody Asylum Offers Praise for THE HOUSE

The House (Huset) is a really solid Norwegian horror film set in Norway during World War 2…The acting is superb from all three leads [and] the superb cinematography by John-Erling H. Fredrikson and the production design by the director Reinhert Kiil compliment each other perfectly, flawlessly evoking the era the film is set. The framing of shots brilliantly utilises the widescreen, with great use of camera movement, and the editing by Iris Jenssen Nylaendet and Silje Rekk heightening the atmosphere. The drained coloured look of the film works beautifully. Horror fans who are after a creepy and atmospheric horror film with some heart and depth will find The House well worth checking out.” – TheBloodyAsylum

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In 1974, an English horror film titled VAMPYRES, written and directed by José Ramón Larraz Gil , premiered to an unsuspecting world. Soon, it became a cult horror sensation because of its sensuality, its gruesomeness and its twisted atmosphere. This new version keeps those graphic elements and the twisted atmosphere, but includes more action, more horror and more gore in telling the story of two vamps that “live” in a dark manor where they bring men with the promise of sex orgies that ultimately become blood orgies.

Check Out Artsploitation Films on VOD.com

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