DoBlu Gives OBSERVANCE an Amazingly Enthusiastic Review

“An exercise in psychological terror, Observance is the most unsettling independent thriller in recent memory…an unnerving thriller that turns Rear Window’s innate voyeurism into a surrealistic nightmare of frightening proportions. Observance is a uniquely sinister thriller built on paranoia and pure dread. Psychological horror is often code for slow and dull. This is not the case with Observance. Observance is a gripping psychological ride in terror that will affect even the most sane, rational viewers. You have been warned. Recalling the films of David Lynch, Observance is a film built to provoke discussion after watching it. Observance’s direction, scoring, cinematography and acting are all top-notch, reflecting the amount of thought that has gone into it. This is refined filmmaking rarely seen in the horror genre, made for educated movie buffs. Its haunting narrative will stay with you.” Christopher Zabel, DoBlu

Wicked Channel Calls DER BUNKER an “Art house delight”

“If  Serbian Film was about a typical family in the underground of Serbia. This film can be seen as a typical family in a very odd part of Germany. This film had such a quirky charm that I found myself really getting behind it. The dark tone and humor worked fine.

This film could be an art house delight, if it played midnight houses around the US. I see this film, as a break from the normal. A break from the formula and also a break from the turning my brain off. This film is proof that you can have a film with a dark tone and succeed, not trying to soften it up to appease a studio head. – WickedChannel



First Review of VAMPYRES – “disturbing and definitely not for the faint-of-heart.”

“A blood-infused exploitation horror layered with the the lustful undead. This updated version of the 1974 erotic-horror cult classic has…more gore, more blood and more lust. I found parts of the film quite disturbing and definitely not for the faint-of-heart.” –



What Is DER BUNKER Actually About? Amos Lassen Has an Idea!

So many reviews, while giving praise and positive reviews of Der Bunker, are a little confused at what the movie is actually about. Amos Lassen posits that it is about education and the unrealistic expectations parent put on their children. Read his entire review…

“The Bunker” is a dark, twisted, and funny tale about childhood, growing up and education. The movie is twisted, trashy and a lot of fun. I suppose we can say that it is a dark fairy tale with a tablespoon of sci-fi, and a dash of camp.” – ReviewsByAmosLassen


Pink Floyd’s THE WALL – another look at children and education

We Accept this Award on Behalf of Joseph Sims-Dennett!

When the esteemed publication Rue Morgue called a scene in Observance, “one of the most disgusting vomiting scenes in film history” we had to perk up and slowly come to the reality of this “honor.”

A gripping study of encroaching paranoia…the director builds a strong, consistent sense of unease, making effective use of close-ups and handheld photography and punctuating the psychological horrors with queasy, visceral moments. (Among other things, he stages one of the most disgusting vomiting scenes in film history.)” – Michael Gingold, Rue Morgue

And the nominees were:

Better than Mr. Creosote in The Meaning of Life?

Better than Mr. Creosote in The Meaning of Life?

Better than this 50 MPH projectile from The Witches of Eastwick?

Better than this 50 MPH projectile from The Witches of Eastwick?

Surely not better than Linda Blair in the Exorcist?

Surely not better than Linda Blair in the Exorcist?

And better than the multi-minute vomit scene in Team America: World Police?

And better than the multi-minute vomit scene in Team America: World Police?






Famous Monsters Offers a Mixed Review – but good Pull Quotes!!

If you read just the lines below, you’d think Famous Monsters gave Observance a rave, but it was actually a mixed, nuanced review that criticized but also praised. We pulled out out the praise!

Entertaining. Imagine REAR WINDOW’s scenario with a dash of Polanski and a sprinkle of Lynch and a whole lot of RING influences…visually stimulating…If you love stories with undefined, supernatural menace and storylines that don’t bread-crumb you through the narrative, then give this flick a shot.” – FamousMonsters


Director Joseph Sims Dennett

Director Joseph Sims Dennett

Film Monthly Recommends OBSERVANCE

Film Monthly offers an insiteful review of Observance – and likes it more than any other Artsploitation title since Der Samurai.

“Observance is a quiet, claustrophobic horror film that leaves viewers with plenty to think about after the credits roll….a horror film any die-hard genre fan would do well to give a close look.” – Film Monthly



Another Reviewer, John Allman, Unnerved by OBSERVANCE

And if a seasoned film reviewer like John Allman is unnerved by our little film, what do you thing would happen to YOU, an innocent film-goer? If we had the money, we’d insist all screenings should have a psychologist in attendance to repair any attendee’s shattered psyche.

Observance, the new film from writer-director Joseph Sims-Dennett, washes over viewers like a wave of palpable dread. Observance is remarkably unnerving throughout…Sims-Dennett strings together tiny moments dripping with paranoia and bursts of madness.” -John Allman, BloodViolenceandBabes



DER BUNKER Blows the Mind of Graham B of

And Now For Something Completely Different – Der Bunker

McBastard’s Mausoleum Calles TFH “A delirious frenzy of brutal bloodlust.”

“A delirious frenzy of brutal bloodlust and psychological terror with one heck of a big twist…a brutal, gory and nightmarish watch with a stellar performance from Gabriella Wright.” – McBastard’s Mausoleum

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