“I became giddy when axes started swinging and fingers started getting chopped off.”

Repulsive Reviews lives up to its reputation and proves that The Perfect Husband is their cinematic meat-and-potatoes when they respond like this:

“I became giddy when axes started swinging and fingers started getting chopped off. The Perfect Husband may not be the film to start a resurgence in Italian horror, but it is a neat little entry into the genre, nonetheless. If you’re a fan of indie horror and are looking for another Artsploitation film to add to your collection, do not hesitate to pick up The Perfect Husband.” – Repulsive Reviews

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SpoilerFreeMovieSleuth Gives DER BUNKER a Rave Review

“Artsploitation Films newest release on Blu-ray and VOD is the German production Der Bunker, and it is an absolute home run for the distribution company. What they have on their hands is by far one of their best releases and a sure fire modern cult classic and hit amongst cult cinema fans. It is a hard one to completely peg down, but it is probably the closest thing to being what director Wes Anderson would create if he were to make a truly dark comedy that crosses into the horror and sci-fi genres. The direction and cinematography are superb…[Chryssos] pushes the limits of weird and breaks into the realms of more sci-fi and horror, evoking memories of David Lynch and David Cronenberg. This is someone to keep an eye on. While not for everyone…chances are that you will absolutely love this wonderful little oddity.” – SpoilerFreeMovieSleuth

Come to mommy…

DoBLU.com Offers a Thoughtful Review for PERFECT HUSBAND

The Perfect Husband is a film consciously made for uncomfortable viewing. It is designed to push you into a state of unease until it rips off the niceties and reveals the raw horror. The movie’s terror and violence are fairly realistic, if extreme, when the set-up finally pays off.  [A] disturbing psychological thriller. It’s a finely crafted film with real weight behind it, unusual for giallo films.” DoBlu.com

Giallo Films are a world apart from typical horror flicks.

Giallo Films are a world apart from typical horror flicks.


Legless Corpse Gets All Existential after Viewing DER BUNKER

“What is DER BUNKER about? Might as well ask me to define “being.” It’s everything—except “being” itself, of course.

The acting is top-notch and the film is damned effective. At what I’m not certain, but it’s effective. I would recommend anyone watching the movie to go in blind, like I did. Don’t read up on it ahead of time, and don’t bother trying to figure it out as you view it. Just let yourself EXPERIENCE it.’ – LegglessCorpse



Cryptic Rock Calls OBSERVANCE “Mind-boggling”!

[A] mind-boggling ending…Observance is one of those films people will come back two, five, or even ten years from and still enjoy it. – Cryptic Rock


Blood Shed: FEMALE WEREWOLF “a-sexually-charged-arthouse-film”

“The film is done as a very surreal arthouse. Featuring only 3 characters, no dialogue, and some serious trippy sequences, I can honestly say that this is definitely now on my list for must watch films. Female Werewolf is not entertainment so much as it is a work of beauty and art. Despite the sexually-charged plot, this is not smut in any regard. All shots are done tastefully, with no more skin than is needed to advance the plot.What you will see is a fair amount of blood, however, as this woman slowly spirals and her illness externalizes. If you enjoy films like Phil Steven’s Flowers this is one you will definitely have to check out.” The Blood Shed


Interested in “raw, exploitative barbarity”?

Then The Perfect Husband is for you – here is what ItsBlogginEvil says about the film: “[A] fast and furious style, with unforgiving brutality that was surprisingly gory at times. The Perfect Husband wasn’t perfect, but raw, exploitative barbarity is a must see for any violent hound in need of a good scratch.”



Amos Lassen is Beaten and Unnerved by OBSERVANCE

“A seriously intense thriller…a creepy and quite unnerving film. I soon felt a sense of dread coming over me as I watched this film. People are followed, watched, manhandled, scalded, grabbed, run at, slapped, trapped, tackled, face-grabbed, hit with objects and we see photos of bloody corpses and just lots of blood. There is sex and nudity and language that just might offend some people. “Observance” is ambiguous and the only thing that I felt was for sure was that there is something amiss. The film is from Parker’s perspective alone and therefore everything is up for interpretation. – Reviews by Amos Lassen



LeglessCorpse Takes a Shower After Watching OBSERVANCE

“What’s going on with this movie? I’d ask myself, and answer myself: I ain’t got no damn clue! The cinematography is effective. The film looks all grimy and vinegary, black mold growing in the dark corners. You kinda feel like taking a shower after watching it, which is how you should feel.” – LeglessCorpse


ThatsNotCurrent Calls OBSERVANCE “an original”

“A dark look into the human condition, and one that takes us on a journey of paranoia, obsession, and isolation. It’s heavily routed in classics such as Repulsion, Blow Up, and Rear Window. It manages to be in the same vein as these classics, all the while being an original work. Observance is more than just a film deserving a viewing; It’s a wonderful piece of art, one that deserves any and all praise headed its way.” – ThatsNotCurrent