Amos Lassen is Beaten and Unnerved by OBSERVANCE

“A seriously intense thriller…a creepy and quite unnerving film. I soon felt a sense of dread coming over me as I watched this film. People are followed, watched, manhandled, scalded, grabbed, run at, slapped, trapped, tackled, face-grabbed, hit with objects and we see photos of bloody corpses and just lots of blood. There is sex and nudity and language that just might offend some people. “Observance” is ambiguous and the only thing that I felt was for sure was that there is something amiss. The film is from Parker’s perspective alone and therefore everything is up for interpretation. – Reviews by Amos Lassen



LeglessCorpse Takes a Shower After Watching OBSERVANCE

“What’s going on with this movie? I’d ask myself, and answer myself: I ain’t got no damn clue! The cinematography is effective. The film looks all grimy and vinegary, black mold growing in the dark corners. You kinda feel like taking a shower after watching it, which is how you should feel.” – LeglessCorpse


ThatsNotCurrent Calls OBSERVANCE “an original”

“A dark look into the human condition, and one that takes us on a journey of paranoia, obsession, and isolation. It’s heavily routed in classics such as Repulsion, Blow Up, and Rear Window. It manages to be in the same vein as these classics, all the while being an original work. Observance is more than just a film deserving a viewing; It’s a wonderful piece of art, one that deserves any and all praise headed its way.” – ThatsNotCurrent


Bloody Violence Makes for a Good Review from Celluloid Terror

“Bret Roberts giving an especially raw performance that channels his inner Jack Nicholson from The Shining. At times it can be an uneasy viewing experience from several viewpoints. On top of the bloody violence there’s also rape, physical abuse that doesn’t hold back and the broken psyche of a couple on the edge of a total breakdown. THE PERFECT HUSBAND is well made, bloody violent and carried by great performances. Well worth your time.”  Celluloid Terror


Nerds Rule! And they Channel their Sexual Frustration into Fine Critical Writing.

The Nerd Mentality has written a detailed, mostly positive and very analytical review of our film The Perfect Husband. Check it out – here are some snippets:

“A whirlwind combination of exciting cinematography, ideas, and brutal violence. It’s an extremely hard film to sit through, and not because its in anyway bad or boring. Quite the contrary actually, this is an extremely effective film. It evokes feelings similar to the original I Spit on Your Grave or Last House on the Left. The violence is as exploitative as it gets and will make all but the most jaded and desensitized viewers squirm. The Perfect Husband will be a tough and uncomfortable watch for those who have been affected by an abusive relationship due to the realism in this performance. Gabriella Wright does a wonderful job as well with the role of Viola. The Perfect Husband is a film that works for me not only because it reminds me of so many genre films that I love, but even more so for reasons I can’t really talk about without giving too much of the film away. It’s a narrative that is fairly straightforward but comes with some surprises that ultimately make the depraved journey worth it. While The Perfect Husband features some sheer brutality in it’s violence and portrayal of mental illness, this is complimented with some beautiful cinematography that makes it gorgeous to look at the film as you peak through your fingers. The Perfect Husband feels like a combination of many different films you’ve seen before: the previously mentioned Antichrist in basic premise, the exploitative violence against women in films such as I Spit on Your Grave, the slashers of the 1980’s. Even though the film is Italian in origin it has much in common with the French extremist horror movement films of the mid 2000s, like High Tension or Martyrs….I give this release of The Perfect Husband a recommendation for anyone who is a fan of cinema not afraid to repeatedly punch you in the gut. It is intense, brutally violent & gory, tension filled, well acted, and will make you want a shower afterward. Familiar or not, that’s perfect exploitation film making as far as I’m concerned.”The Nerd Mentality


While we have never paid for a review, we thought, fuck it, and just sent our new intern, Candy, to the offices of Nerd Mentality to show our appreciation. Keep up the good work boys.

Is She Real?

CrypticRock Reviews the “surreal, otherworldly” THE WICKED WOODS

“A simmering tale….The Wicked Woods has a surreal, otherworldly aura around it….is not a film for everyone, and requires patience, but the payoff is worth it for those who take the chance.  –


iHorror Weirded Out by DER BUNKER – Which Is Good, Kind of, Sort Of

Ok, we acknowledge that it was not a rave review – but an “appreciative” one. The critic, Chris Crum, thought it was a little strange and while not exactly for him saw that there is an audience somwehere out there for it! He writes,

“This film is so bizarre…indeed very, very weird. Der Bunker is something like The Baby meets 10 Cloverfield Lane as co-directed by John Waters and Takashi Miike (in German).” iHorror 



WTF! Artsploitation Has Gone to PR Heaven as Michael Klug LOVES FEVER

We at Artsploitation Films think the world of film reviewers and bloggers. We practically worship the laptop they write on. And while we have been fortunate that most of our films have been well-received, we were frankly stumped by the sometimes respectful but often tepid reviews FEVER received. We thought it was a classic – the very definition of Artsploitation. Now, a few months after its release, a reviewer -the brilliant Michael Klug of Horror Freak News has written the perfect review of the film.  Here are some snippets:

“A psychological thriller of the highest order. Based on the novel by Leslie Kaplan, it’s a story taking a cue from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Rope. And Rope was inspired by the real-life Leopold and Loeb murder case of the 1920’s. Fever is definitely a psychological thriller. There is no horror per se, but a deep and intriguing character study of extremely flawed people. And what raises this film up from lesser pictures – every single character – in addition to our three leads – are multi-dimensional, with rich histories and dark secrets. Performances are spectacular from top to bottom, but of course, we must point out the stellar work of Martin Loizillon and Pierre Moure as these two strange boys who one day decide to murder an innocent woman. And although it’s never legitimized onscreen, the homoerotic tension between them is extreme and extremely intriguing. The soundtrack is simply mesmerizing. It’s done by the international recording artist Camille – who appears as Alice Snow – a singer – in the film.

The performances, the unusual structure and the denouement – as well as the brilliant score of Fever – make this a film you can’t miss. And honestly, after letting it sit overnight, there’s nothing which I can pinpoint as a misstep, a flub or a problem. Therefore, Fever is worthy of a perfect score – and those are certainly not easy to come by. This film is a modern classic. – Horror Freak News


Often Bored of Familiar Horror, Famous Monsters squirmed through PH

“Starts out as a slow-burn psychological (emphasis on psycho) thriller [that] becomes a brutal survival game filled with some real shockers in terms of the ol’ onscreen violence. Honestly, I was in suspense through this whole thing (which clocks in at a brisk 84-minute run time) where as with most thrillers I’m just bored out of my skull. I liked the characters, and actually cared about what happened to them (another rarity), and overall was just impressed. I highly recommend this one. It’s a great take on hoary genre tropes that bring some real squirm-in-your-seat thrills!” Famous Monsters of Filmland

Was this  of Famous Monsters as he watched THE PERFECT HUSBAND?

Artsploitation Is Not Proud – We’ll take a Back-Handed Compliment Anyday

OK, Blood Brothers Reviews was a bit mixed in their review of THE PERFECT HUSBAND. But we did enjoy the following, “The Perfect Husband can be an overlooked gem for the year as my second viewing was much more enjoyable than my first.” So you liked it…?