counter-clockwise 2

Artsploitation Films is proud to announce the acquisition of Counter Clockwise, a hyperventilating blend of science fiction, horror and dark comedy directed by Atlanta-native George Moïse. The film is currently enjoying an extensive festival run and is the recent winner of “Best Science Fiction Film” at both the Eugene International and Action on Film Festivals.

A scientist working on inventing teleportation instead accidentally invents time travel. As a test, he zaps himself 6 months into the future but that future is a sinister, confusing and violent one as he finds himself being chased by hitmen as well as being the prime suspect in the murders of his wife and sister. He attempts to change history and save his loved ones by travelling back in time to resolve the mysteries.

The film, starring Devon Ogden and Kerry Knuppe, is set for DVD and VOD release October 4, 2016.

Artsploitation president Ray Murray said, “Totally inventive, fun, and complex. I immediately watched it a second time just to fully understand all the wild happenings! We do not release many American made films, but this film marks an acquisitions exception. We hope audiences will enjoy and be confounded as much as I. We release a lot of difficult and challenging titles, but with Counter Clockwise, we have an entertaining, fast-paced sci-fi murder/mystery treat.”