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Not limited to being just a genre label, Artsploitation Films presents intriguing, unsettling, unpredictable and provocative films to an audience long numbed by filmic predictability.

“Philadelphia’s purveyors of art, smut, and bizarre genre fare from around the world.Cinapse.co

Artsploitation Films embraces international horror like no other distributor.  They are a trusted brand that continue to keep quality scares coming movie after movie.” Horrornews.net 

“Artsploitation Films is a distribution company bent on releasing the absolute strangest and most compelling films the world has to offer.”   WeAreIndieHorror

“In this reviewer’s humble opinion, Artsploitation Films is one of the most exciting film distribution companies about.”  The Lair of Filth

“North America’s most confrontational distributor of contemporary world cinema.”  Twitch Film

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“A clever indie thriller…Touching and raw when it comes to the topic of suicide, Dead Dicks surprises with genuine understanding for its characters. While technically sci-fi with some horror elements, Dead Dicks is about the loving but painful relationship between two adult siblings. – Christopher Zabel, DoBlu

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“A quirky and funny film… [with] a twisted eye for violence, body horror, and other worldly weirdness. A really great film that will make you wince, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear.” – ML Miller

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“Benjamin is a bleak and hilarious look into the mind of director Simon Amstell. Amstell manages to make the satire and the romance fresh and funny and affecting [and] fills the story with hilariously deadpan one-liners and a scene-stealing cast.  It is a heartfelt laugh-a-plenty love story with lots of bite. – […]

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