“It’s the perfect back-to-school film, whether you’re hitting the books, teaching a class or having your little one pried from your hands. This creepy, artsy fairy tale hooks you immediately with its dark yet lively atmosphere, charming originality and intriguing, over-the-top characters. Der Bunker is a captivating gem, loaded with stunning imagery, powerful performances and a gripping story that is sure to stay with you for a very long time…Der Bunker is certainly one of the most original pieces to come out in ages. Not only is it provocative in its zaniness, but it’s also incredibly relateable. You will laugh your way through this entire story, even when disturbed and perhaps disgusted. This film is one of the most aesthetically stunning films to falSays DER BUNKER l into this viewer’s hand in quite some time. Each scene is incredibly sexy and creepy and weird and full of childlike energy and heaviness at the same time. Fans of unusual, unsettling David Lynch-type stories should put this one at the top of their must-see list. – 28DLA