DIY is in part a comedy of errors. A crime film in which comedy is the partner to the main star, or the film’s hero, if you will.  The film’s ability to laugh at itself and the genre in which it resides is a fresh take on Hollywood action epics which take themselves too seriously. If you’ve ever wondered how a Greek crime/comedy might feel upon the retinas though have never taken the plunge, I’d suggest giving DIY a shot. The kind folks at Artsploitation Films have done it once again, they’ve taken a chance and the risk has paid off. Now if only there were folks brave enough to drop their preconceived notions and/or prejudices to give this a chance (for it rightfully deserves it!) we might in fact get someplace with this whole Indy film thing and start getting the numbers and respect many of the films in the genre warrant.” – CultMetalFlix