“[A] sharp, ironic and murderous good time…It’s not so simple to summarize an idiosyncratic experience like Blood Paradise in words on a page, but potential viewers should understand that this is a slow burn that contains elements of Slasher Horror, ironic comedy, several mysteries, and one truly phenomenal lead actress. In fact, this bespelling, multi-talented woman is the Swedish Electropop musician Baby Yaga, who also co-wrote the screenplay, composed the beautifully haunting score, and produced the film. Winter’s shines in the role, enchanting the audience as she moves through the landscape with a cat-like grace no matter how dire the circumstances. Blood Paradise is an artfully-crafted film that transcends language barriers to provide a pleasurable viewing experience. And that ending sequence with the flock of sheep? A brilliant work of art to cap it all off! [Blood Paradise] crafts a tale full of ironically witty moments and sharp juxtapositions, an enchanting lead actress and a motley cast of personalities. A brilliant debut for the team of von Barkenberg and Winter, Cryptic Rock cannot wait to see what they will dream up next! For this, we give Blood Paradise 4.5 of 5 stars. – CrypticRock