AIPT! (Adventures in Poor Taste!) has given Artsploitation its greatest mediocre review ever!  Filled with beautiful, stunning, excellent, stunning (again), fascinating and even interesting. It read as a PR person’s wet dream but just when we were panting, writer Nathaniel Muir brings us back to earth with some less flattering thoughts about the film. It was a “She‘s my sister and my daughter!” moment. Below are excerpts of the good stuff, if you want to read about the unwarranted negative stuff, you got to click through.

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Luciferina is not a standard horror movieLuciferina is filled with beautiful shots. In particular, director Gonzalo Calzada does some amazing work with outdoors shots. Trees and buildings are framed perfectly in many establishing shots. By far, the movie’s best looking sequence is during the finale. The scene is stunning and transcends what audiences have been taught to expect. The moment is deceptively simplistic as there are only two characters and little scenery, but the emotions displayed are amazing. The camera work is stunning and highlights the creativity and artistry of Calzada. The use of light and shadow in Luciferina is also excellent. This is most clear during the early dream sequences in the film. The scenes have a washed out look that make it impossible to tell whether it is day or night. This adds to the creepiness of the moments. Luciferina’s greatest strength may be how it seamlessly weaves reality and fantasy. The audience is never quite sure if what they are seeing is actually happening which leads to greater engagement. It is a fascinating and interesting ride.” – AIPT!