As litigious as Trump, we at Artsploitation have Roy Cohn-trained lawyers on retainers for any possible libel or slander against our company, and after reading what Nevermore Horror said about us, we were prepared to bring out the big guns and attack. But then  someone who actually knew how to read, told us, “No you idiots, it’s a compliment.” 

“Known primarily for bringing foreign-made exploitation films to the American audience, Artsploitation tends to pick films that satisfy their somewhat extreme tastes; violence, gore, nudity, physical and psychological torture, rape—I’m sure you are starting to get the picture.”

We realized, dammit, this is a compliment! We not only have extreme tastes but we like to share our sick taste with others. So the litigators are back in their cages and we are back watching the weirdest, craziest genre films we can get our hands on.