Australian Director Craig Anderson has arrived in NYC and is ready to unwrap his holiday chiller, Red Christmas.   Joining Craig at the festivities will be another from Down Under in actor, Gererd O’Dwyer.  They will be appearing at the Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema this weekend.  Red Christmas will premiere at 9pm EST on Friday night, August 11th, 2017.   There will be an Exclusive Q&A with Craig Anderson after the screening and he will be taking any and all questions regarding his very controversial film.   Red Christmas is also nominated for Best Make-up/FX for a Feature Film.

Red_Christmas_poster_v2_low_res2Christmas day becomes a hellish homecoming in this unusual Australian horror/comedy gorefest that marks the big-screen return of genre icon Dee Wallace (THE HOWLING, E.T., HILLS HAVE EYES) among its sinister stocking of treats. An exploitation film with heart and considerable guts — of both the courage andcorporeal variety — RED CHRISTMAS takes things to volume eleven on the horror charts while giddily yet sincerely addressing themes of eugenics, feminism, privacy, religion and law, all in the midst of an over-the-top rollercoaster of a slasher-film siege. As we said, this is an unusual one! Wallace is just amazing, giving her all with an intensely driven performance, and Gerard O’Dwyer, actor and ambassador for Don’t DISMyABILITY, shines brilliantly amidst the film’s numerous eccentric casting choices.


The first and only film festival of its kind held in Kew Gardens, NYC, The Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema was founded by three local independent filmmakers with a passion to get movies made. Wanting to expand the reach of artists’ work and recognizing the challenge of the visibility of independent film, their aim is to establish a presence in and spread awareness of cinematic creativity throughout Kew Gardens, Queens and the neighboring communities.