Really intelligent review of the film, Meat:

“A stylistic crime thriller that manages to capture the atmosphere of films such as Calvaire (2004), with the disjointed storytelling and intriguing mystery of Giuseppe Tornatore’s A Pure Formality (1994). To put it in simple terms, Meat is a dish that you’ll want sit down and consume more than once. If one were to properly describe this film, the phrase ‘beauty found within the confines of perversion’ is the first thing that comes to mind. However, that’s only telling a fraction of the story; Meat is engulfed with a macabre atmosphere, almost completely devoid of a soundtrack–ensuring the imagery and mood of every single passing moment isn’t lost on the viewer. It’s a bleak look at the droning pace of existence, the objectification of human beings, and the vile nature sexual obsession. This is a mystery that fuses erotica, futility, and deviation into a vehicle that surpasses normal expectations with other genre entries. It’s bleak, beautiful, and not something you’ll soon forget after watching. – ThatsNotCurrent