“There are two things a movie can do that will guarantee I will watch it. The first is having a beautiful and sexy actress as the main character. The second is related to the first; the actress is willing to bare it all on film. If a movie has those two elements, the rest of the film can be shit for all I care. Blood Paradise checks off those two rules with ease, having Andréa Winter in the lead role, and she gets down and naked several times. A bonus point goes to the fact the film isn’t shit. The story spends a lot of time following Robin and her wandering and snooping habits. I’m not going to complain because Andréa Winter is a competent actress who is super easy on the eyes. I know looks aren’t everything – personality, blah blah blah. Well, shame on you for thinking Andréa Winter is nothing but a woman who looks like a model, as she also co-wrote the movie, a couple of music videos, and has several credits in other areas. She’s also Swedish, so you know…” – Cultsploitation