Reporting from the recently ended Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, HorrorBuzz says this of our July Release, BLOOD PARADISE:

Humorous as it is beautiful…Blood Paradise at times felt Hitchcock-ian with use of POV shots, initially unassuming murderers, and suspenseful moments heightened by sharp interruptions of violins, only instead of a platinum blonde, this movie’s muse was a striking redhead. The dreamy-ness to the film and the landscape choice also reminded me of Ingmar Bergman’s, Persona, the chic-ness of the costuming added to this as well. If Bergman had gotten more into horror his film might have looked something like Blood Paradise: female-centric, a love letter to the Swedish countryside, and lots of use of reds and whites like in Cries and Whispers. one pretty creepy experience…If you appreciate 70’s-styled frank violence, nudity, and wide shots or if you like films with dark humor, mentally unstable killers, or cabin-in-the-woods settings, then there will most likely be something for you to enjoy about Patrick von Barkenberg’s and Andréa Winter’s Blood Paradise.

And from  The Mercury News

“Try this gonzo horror- thriller… it’s undeniably sexy, weird and entertaining.”