We image it takes a lot to shock the writers at BloodyFlicks but after watching Trauma, the reviewer was left “out-excessed” – which we think may be good.

“Whereas Srđan Spasojević’s 2010 movie A Serbian Film – which the excesses of this film resemble – used the cultural background of his own country in a rather abstract way as justification for the horrors on display in his movie, director Lucio A. Rojas uses specific events in the history of Chile – notably the military dictatorship under General Pinochet – as the basis for the almost unwatchable levels of violence and torture Trauma is definitely not for everyone. It has a relentlessness that for me even out-excessed A Serbian Film, whose horrors occasionally felt rather unreal. Every shock and brutal action in Trauma feels very believable…will leave you shocked, stunned…” – BloodyFlicks