OK, Here I was trying to find something pullable from the recent BrutalAsHell review of Vampyres, but all I could initially find were: “dumb,” “misguided remake,” and “direct retread.” Gulp. But it seems that while critic Ben did not love it, he did have fun watching the movie. And now for his “good” quotes:

[Vampyres] is entirely sincere trash…it does boast plenty of flesh and blood presented in an eye-catching manner…. All things considered, though, I can’t deny I had fun with it. A bit of sexed-up vampire action is always a potent cocktail for simple, undemanding entertainment, and while Matellano’s movie might not quite match up to the power of Larraz’s original, it packs a good bit more sex and gore than a lot of similar movies do these days. No, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but that’s no prerequisite for 90 minutes of fun, is it? – BrutalAsHell