We want all our esteemed critics to enjoy our films, but with our off kilter taste in films, that is far from possible. So we take the hits along with the praise, but TheRottingZombie’s well-thought out passive-aggressive review caught our attention. Of course we want you to buy the film and decide for yourself! 

“I really wanted to like this horror and to be fair I didn’t think it was awful. It had a lot of good things going for it. Firstly like the snow itself the camera work and quality is crisp and clean adding an element of class to this. A big complaint I did have though is just how dark the movie as a whole seems. The killer himself I didn’t think was too bad…The black humour comes into play with his kills, one victim has a snowman built around him so his head is sticking out the top, the killer keeps severed heads in his sack, and some of the blood from victims comes out in almost geysers of gore! Christmas Blood isn’t a terrible film, and I liked the snow filled Norwegian setting, yet I didn’t feel completely on board with how this plays out. A little too dark, and maybe a little too serious, the killer maybe memorable, but much of the rest of the cast do nothing to make them stand out.” – TheRottingZombie

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