The uncontested winner of the most surprising and left field action film of the year… I wasn’t ready for Molly. I haven’t heard many others from the action community embracing or championing this weird little post-apocalyptic female-fronted fight film, so I will be Molly’s hype man. Coming to us from The Netherlands via Artsploitation Films, Molly is a totally different kind of action hero. She’s got some supernatural powers she doesn’t understand and can’t quite control, but mostly she’s a scrapper and a survivor. The budget limitations are clear, but that just endears me all the more as this team delivers unique action sequences complete with tons of long takes. (The final 30 minutes are a giant siege sequence edited to look like one single shot). Molly brims with ideas and it all builds a rad post-apocalyptic world with a uniquely female point of view. Do not sleep on Molly.

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