Kick off the holidays right and spend THANKSGIVING for Cletus! Rumor has it that he carves up a mean Turkey.  Of course, Cletus didn’t have a mother to show him around the kitchen when he was growing up.  You know, being aborted and all.   Cletus is self-taught and if you’ve seen Red Christmas, then you know how handy he is with cutlery.   Cletus wants to share with you a few tips on how to have a good old fashion holiday feast with a family who doesn’t really love you.   For best results, don’t just cut into the turkey with reckless abandon.  First, get you carving knife good and ready, perhaps get the blade nice and lubricated by cutting into a brother-in-law or second cousin.   Once the knife is blood red then you are ready to stab that bird.  Cletus says by using a slightly used knife, it will add flavor to the Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble.


On the next episode of “Cooking With Cletus”  Cletus shows us how to use a blender properly.