Counter Clockwise starts off like many mad-scientist-in-his-garage sci-fi films, like Primer or Listening, then quickly turns into a dark action thriller as he’s thrown into a dangerous situation after next, each time learning a new piece of the puzzle unfolding in front of him. There’s a lot of weird and quirky elements that add to the film’s dark humor, mostly from the eccentric and bizarre cast of characters surrounding the seemingly level-headed scientist. The interactions with these atypical personalities add intensity to the already bewildering encounters. The cinematography was spectacular, with an eclectic array of camera and editing techniques from a wide range of genres. Quick swish pans and pulled zooms to accentuate the action, dynamic lighting on extreme close-ups to emphasize the drama, and sliding wipe transitions gave it a science fiction comic feel. George Moïse employs an impressive utilization of cinematic and storytelling craft in making this film. A solid powerful story told in an exquisite and captivating execution.” – WeAreIndieHorror