“Writer/Director Reinert Kiil (The Whore 2009, Christmas Blood 2017) knows a thing or three on how to make a haunted-house movie work, and accomplishes this with his latest release The House (aka Huset). Kiil turns the tables on the haunted-house theme, trading mediocre and typical for a genuinely spooky, overly involving Horror movie based around the dastardly events of WWII. The greatest strength of The House is how much mood, spook, and atmosphere Kiil brings to the forefront….Three characters, and one house: Despite what horrific nature occurs within the film—the small cast, and simple surrounding make for an intimate viewing. The dialogue is quite good, filled not with a single ounce of cliché. The cinematography is a highlight, too… Actor Mats Reinhardt (Die Rosenheim-Cops series, Der Reichstag 2017) gives his character, Nazi-colonel Jurgen Kreiner, the straight-faced, yet calm, and all-together treatment, which just adds so much depth to the story. ..A truly great actor, Reinhardt’s portrayal in The House will not be forgotten…The House is a fantastic character-driven Supernatural/Horror film. Reinert Kiil has proven himself a great writer and director, and had an amazing bunch of actors make his House come to life. That is why Cryptic Rock give The House 4.5 out of 5 stars, and strongly suggests heeding to “rule #3.” If more proof is needed as to why—then you would have to see The House to understand.” —  CrypticRock

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