Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. is a remarkable entry to the home invasion concept. The writer and director created a fresh perspective on the theme. There are many compelling aspects to this production. The film did not express BDSM aesthetics with a lack of research. From the Chinese rope bondage to the training all consideration went into delivering a philosophy. Having a personal understanding of BDSM it was of surprise to see a sense of accuracy to the art-form. The violence portrayed in the film is raw and unflinching. Director Ate de Jong avoids over-saturating the production with unnecessary brutality. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. does well in granting tense filled expositions in its ninety-minute running time. Deadly Virtues: Love.Honor.Obey. is a work of art that accommodates BDSM themes. Infidelity, deceit and a sense of purpose become the thematic subtext to ponder. The narrative coupled with Ate de Jong’s directorial finesse makes this film a must see. – DecayMag