“Víctor Matellano reinvigorates the lost art of eroticism once found in the Horror. Matellano’s film is a modernization to the classic film Vampyres. Releasing on the 18th, October 2016 is a film long desired and much anticipated. Matellano presents a recalibrated vision to the 1975 classic. The modern interpretation molds aspects from the original. The end result is an arousing visual experience. Matellano translated a Horror classic with remarkable finesse. This is a rare example of a remake excelling the sourced material. Vampyres is a striking exhibition of sadomasochism and lust envelope with horror overtones. Each scene is a work of art. A frame is not wasted on stagnant story development. The film grips audiences from conception. Gore is not used with overexaggerated effect and neither is the nudity. Each element serves as a working component instead of a pretentious circumstance. Presented is a narrative many would consider exploitative. Yet, this is not the case. The villainesses use beauty as an instrument to ensnare prey. These women are not helpless damsels. The antagonists are a strong predatory force seeking blood and lust. The audience is fixed as voyeurs to spectacles of carnage and eroticism.DecayMag