Tom Holland’s Terror Time recently published an Exclusive Interview with Director, Craig Anderson about this new movie, Red Christmas.


Horror movie fans like their film is all shapes and sizes or cuts and slashes depending on who you talk to. Director Craig Anderson like’s them good and horrifying. In his new film Red Christmas he tackles some tough subjects and considering it’s a horror film that’s saying something. He spoke with Terror Time about the fine art of scaring the shit out of us.

Janis McGavin Bloody Stairs - Red Christmas Photo by Douglas Burgdorff

What inspired you to write the story of Red Christmas?

I was inspired by a Tony Kaye film called Lake Of Fire, which is an excellent multi-layerd documentary about the abortion debate in America. I think that Horror should deal with taboo subjects, and not just the acceptable ‘safe’ taboo subjects it usually deals with.

Read the entire Interview HERE 

Cletus and baby - Red Christmas Photo by Douglas Burdorff