“An exercise in psychological terror, Observance is the most unsettling independent thriller in recent memory…an unnerving thriller that turns Rear Window’s innate voyeurism into a surrealistic nightmare of frightening proportions. Observance is a uniquely sinister thriller built on paranoia and pure dread. Psychological horror is often code for slow and dull. This is not the case with Observance. Observance is a gripping psychological ride in terror that will affect even the most sane, rational viewers. You have been warned. Recalling the films of David Lynch, Observance is a film built to provoke discussion after watching it. Observance’s direction, scoring, cinematography and acting are all top-notch, reflecting the amount of thought that has gone into it. This is refined filmmaking rarely seen in the horror genre, made for educated movie buffs. Its haunting narrative will stay with you.” Christopher Zabel, DoBlu