Dee Wallace with Gun in Red Light - Red Christmas Photo by Douglas BurgdorffDee Wallace Gathers Us All Around The Tree For Red Christmas
by Matt Boiselle
She’s been the mother of both a rabid dog and a homesick alien, as well as a she-wolf, and literally hundreds of other roles that film fans have sunk their teeth into – she’s Dee Wallace, and we here at Dread Central were recently graced with the opportunity of speaking with her for a few minutes regarding her latest film, Red Christmas. Starring as a mother whose personal demons are coming back to haunt her and her family worse than anything that knocked on Ebenezer Scrooge’s doorstep, the film promises to add quite a bit of red to the green in anyone’s Christmas decorations. So, park your buns by the spruce, grab a glass of the old spiked nog, and enjoy!

Dee Wallace Laments - Red Christmas Photo by Douglas BurgdorffDC: Can you give us a look into the premise of the film?

DW: The movie is a very bizarre horror/suspense film about a woman and her family at Christmastime who are visited by a child that she thought she’d gotten rid of, and the way that I looked at it was like a modern take on the old ghost story – the story is real, and it comes back to haunt her, ultimately wreaking havoc on her family. What drew me to the part was this strong matriarchal role, and when I read it first I said “my god, this is another part that’s very similar to the part I played in Cujo” – quite frankly, I didn’t know if I could do that anymore, and as soon as I had that thought, the next thought I had was “but you’re going to try, aren’t you?” (laughs) I then went down under to Australia and had an amazing time doing this movie.

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