In the recent Interview with RONDO director, Drew Barnhardt, he’s asked the question,

What makes Artsploitation Films a good choice for RONDO?

Drew Barnhardt – “It’s right there in the name: Artsploitation. I wanted to make a flick that was aimed at late night audiences that also happened to be aggressively cinema-literate. The film uses some recognizable exploitation beats but, I feel, it is done with a bit of high style. A combination of so-called “high style” and “low style” is always interesting to me. I suppose it’s what you get when you’re doing an exploitation style movie but filtered through my own warped perspective and my love of folks like Luis Bunuel and Stanley Kubrick, among others. Artsploitation Films were one of the first to see this, recognize this in the flick and reach out. They had the balls to get behind it. And for that I am forever grateful.”