Rondo, the latest effort from writer/director Drew Barnhardt (Murder Loves Killers Too), aims to please. Even the poster art itself suggests an exploitation style that many recent releases failed to fully facilitate…Rondo is a combination of thriller, comedy, and what genre could accurately hold this title is the mystery. It holds many of the aspects of the traditional exploitation film elements, but not much of the style of cinematography. With a cheery score and an omniscient narrator, the dark subject matter helps even out the pace and emotion throughout the film, despite many situations or scenes that should have you on the edge of your seat. A major redeeming aspect of this film is its resilient plot line. With the help of each character’s unique personality, another knot tightens and another bullet fills the chamber providing a climax suitable for such a peculiar arrangement. If it doesn’t fill you with thrills, it’s certain to ensure that you’ll not want to look away.” – Crypt Teaze