Killbillies is fun, creepyoverall, this is one hell of a backwoods horror. It puts many American movies of the same sub-genre to shame. Not only that, Gorkic’s film is the first horror totally shot and produced out of Slovenia. Instead of sludging through the same old American South we’ve seen a million times, the beautiful landscape of places like Jezersko, Predel, Fort Hermann and other Slovenian locations provide a backdrop for all the hillbilly gruesomeness to come. In terms of the makeup and other effects, the hillbillies all look fairly nasty and just seeing them is scary enough. One of the main guys, his face is all puffed out, full of pus, his skin is reddened and bumpy. Some great prosthetic work. Once the killing starts, boy, do the effects get real fun! Killbillies is a worthy 4-star horror, and it’s one of the better backwoods flicks of the past few years by far. The acting, the makeup effects, alongside beautifully captured exteriors in the Slovenian wilderness juxtaposed against the depressingly dark interiors (that cellar set is fantastic). The story is so god damn good and the slight twist on the cannibal hillbilly characters is refreshing, as well as kind of funny in its own ways.
Killbillies was a surprise and a favourite horror of mine for 2016. – FatherSonHolyGore