In a way, we are Artsploitation are sorry that we sent the screener of Lucio A. Rojas’ Trauma to the offices of The 13th Floor. We had no idea how filmicly fragile these respected genre writers were. And we are especially saddened that the large office window was left open. The only silver lining is that, just when Rojas announced a sequel, the company moved their offices to the ground floor. Turnover can be devastating for a company.

Here are their last writings:

“Make no mistake, this is a ghost pepper of a horror film. “Shocking”, “Brutal” don’t even begin to cover it. Lucio A. Rojas delivers something so deeply troubling, a film which effortlessly burrows to the core of it’s viewer in disturbing fashion, threatening to leave their psyche permanently scarred, that it almost becomes impossible to recommend…technically competent, borderline exploitative, cinematic exposé on a dangerous, rusting, angry political machine—wrapped in a rape revenge narrative. I suppose then, given the level of dedication to the story, it’s crucial that intentions aren’t minced in any way (they aren’t). Lucio A. Rojas, you win. I get the point—holy shit do I get the point. But I’m thinking after this, I may just have to give up spicy foods for a while.” Jeremiah

Trauma starts out very traumatic, and one particular scene at the beginning was very hard to sit through. Then the tension eases up a bit, but only a bit, because I could sense what was coming and I knew that it would be far from pleasant.  The last thirty minutes of this one are insane, and very intense. You’re never allowed to feel safe either, another reason why I liked Trauma so much. If you want to see a mean-and-nasty film, this is definitely one to check out! – Sarah

Headless has a new contender everyone! Top 3 most disturbing intros ever. I was like, “what the hell” and I looked it up and I saw that it was written and directed by Lucio A. Rojas who also did Sendero, another disturbing film, and it all suddenly became very clear. The film contains rape, gore, abuse and everything bad thing in between. The home invasion scene at the halfway mark is probably the most disturbing one I’ve ever seen, and because everyone plays their part so well, it all felt very real; and this is something you definitely don’t want feeling real. Overall this is a well made fucked up film and if you love films such as Sendero and Hidden in the Woods like me, then get ready to get traumatized.  – Jasmine

” You know that go to movie no matter what mood you are in, you can throw on and let it drape over you like a warm cozy blanket? The ultimate comfort food film.. mmmm… imagine that feeling, except someone kicks your door in, rips your blanket off, then proceeds to repeatedly punch you in the face. That’s how the opening of Trauma welcomes your senses. The one takeaway for sure is ‘Trauma’ delivers 100% on its promise to unrelentingly force feed you fucked up shit. – David
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