“I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of genuine horror here, something that only increased as Vampyres went on. Of the sex scenes there is some partial nudity but they usually devolve into a (sometimes literal) blood bath and I was pleased to see the special effects for the blood letting was quite entertaining. Blood flows freely and their is dashings of the red claret as victims are ripped open and some even get hung upside down and their throat slit for the previously mentioned blood bath. Plenty of throats getting cut open, each one has fun practical effects. Of special note is the cinematography that is quite excellent. The quality of the film as a whole is very crisp, special effects as I mentioned are decent, and the variety of camera angles and editing is impressive. For someone who was expecting just an excuse for loads of trashy erotic scenes I was happy to find more of what in parts felt like tropes of the slasher genre. – RottingZombie