“Indy filmmaker Drew Barnhardt has written a doozy of a weird-but-fun script and directed the heck out of it by spinning his low budget into cinematic gold that looks as sharp and visually interesting as most movies you’ll see on the big or small screen. And he has the kind of cast to work with in which there is no weak link…It’s sexy but in a “I feel so dirty” kind of way, and then comes the violence and extreme gore and nail-biting suspense which Barnhardt stages like a seasoned pro, pulling off several whiplash-inducing plot twists that yank the rug right out from under us.  I also kept thinking that the oddball dialogue, quirky characters (especially the irredeemably vile villains), and off-kilter situations which quickly escalate into nerve-wracking peril for the protagonists were a lot like what might happen if Quentin Tarantino and Dean Koontz got peanut butter on each other’s chocolate and vice versa.  As good as RONDO has been up till then–and it’s been very, very good–it’s during the last five or ten minutes when several dozen well-placed squibs give us that warm, fuzzy feeling that all’s right with the world. ” – HKFilmNews