“From first-time directors Rodrigo Gasparini and Dante Vescio, The Devil Lives Here mines a rich vein of Brazilian folklore to spin a creepy and ultimately terrifying yarn about a single night’s battle in an ancient war between good and evil. Though stripped down and raw, The Devil Lives Here demonstrates a clear vision and remarkable proficiency in storytelling, atmosphere, and anxiety, and fear. While their film looks and feels like a true original, it pulsates with echoes of cinematic forebears like Raimi’s The Evil Dead, the Barker-penned Candyman, and even further back to White Zombie and the Val Lewton classics that followed. With their focus on suspense before shock, dread before gore, and character before all the rest, Gasparini and Vescio have constructed a tight, atmospheric horror fable that holds you in the moment…and then leaves you looking forward to what else these filmmakers have in store for horror fans in the years to come.” –Horror News