5. Snowflake (Artsploitation):

Director: Adolfo J. Kolmerer and William James

What’s it about: This modern fairy tale of revenge tells the bloody story about a series of characters including a pair life long friends, a leader of a revolution, hitmen, cannibals, an orphan, a god, and more against the backdrop of a revolutionary Europe.

Why it deserves to be where it is: Snowflake is such a wild ride! Whether you find different comparisons to films like Lowlife, Smoking Aces or Pulp Fiction, Snowflake stands on its own with a blend of luck, spirit, and a fearless story. Taking years to fully come together, this box of mismatched puzzle pieces that come together in the most surreal way does what it wants and succeeds. A big winner on the festival circuit, Snowflake’s revenge narrative allows room for characters to fully form and plenty of bloody violence to fill the screen. Containing some unexpected beats of humor, a philosophical edge, and situational dialogue that never allows any of the characters to feel one dimensional, Snowflake will surprise you and enchant you from the first moment to the last.

Stand out scene: Tan and Javid meeting the dentist for the first time.

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