“Cut from the same cloth as Wrong Turn, Wolf Creek, and The Hills Have Eyes, this cheap ass genre flick rocks out some totally disturbing slice and dice scenes, head mashing trauma, and a depressing tale of terror that pits a group of photogs and models against mutated hillbillies from the abandoned countryside…a grotesque tale of female survival that’s just big dumb fun for freaks like myself. Skulls are smashed. Limbs are lopped off. Chicks run through the forest and dark corridors seeking mercy from pair of freakish rednecks with a taste for brain matter. What’s not to love here, people? This is brainless kill food for a starving audience ready to lap up a delicious serving of gore and blood. What’s wrong with me? Damn it. I loved this movie. If you’re one of those junkies looking for a shot of adrenaline and guts, Killbillies will get you off.SpoilerFreeMovieSleuth