Is Matt O.’s horror/comedy Bloody Knuckles our most critically-acclaimed release of the year?

“Puerile, pharmacy juvenile, viagra grotesque fun.” –

“a bizarre concoction, see which is totally nuts and yet surprisingly entertaining.” –

“A bloody, funny blast!” –

“Two fistfuls of fun.” – Body Count Rising

“Satisfies almost every entry on my subconscious genre film check list!” –

“Sure to earn the admiration of its target audience and the disdain of everyone who is too pussified to take a joke.” –

“The gorehound equivalent of a popcorn movie.” –

“Crass, sleazy and violent.” –

“A blood-spattered Valentine to underground comics and ’80s cult cinema…highly recommended!” –

“A five-finger exercise in fun frights.” – Fangoria

“Filmmaker Matt O.’s debut feature is one to make note of.” –

Bloody Knuckles is vulgar, distasteful, and offensive – I loved every minute of it!” –

“Outrageously offensive yet insanely funny.” –

Bloody Knuckles has to be considered among the best of the year.” –

“It’s fun, brash and wears both its excesses and inspirations with pride. Recommended.” –

“This is not a movie for those easily offended.” –

“A gloriously nasty, Troma-esque mash note to freedom of speech.” –

“A heck of a lot of fun, and it’s a great flick all the way around.” – ShatteredRavings

“A potential cult classic in the making.” –