“While the film tackles some very familiar subject matter, it does so with a daring style that helps elevate it above typical genre fare…with an explosive and extremely satisfying climax. The second half unleashes a frenzy of madness and nightmarish imagery, as well as some great effects and supernatural chaos to satisfy the horror fans who have tuned in more for the real scares than the atmospheric creepiness.This all culminates in a transgressive and highly progressive exorcism scene unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The infamous “sexorcism” scene involves the virginal heroine seducing her demon-possessed love on an altar. It’s brilliantly shot, entirely original, and equal parts sensual and sinister. Sofia Del Tuffo is extraordinary as Natalia, managing to convey a very believable sense of innocence and fragility throughout most of the film, while delivering a bold and fearless performance at the climax when she’s suddenly transformed through her bravery and newfound confidence. It’s a surprising and exceedingly smart twist on a tired formula that makes Luciferina well worth the watch.” – Cryptic Rock