“For those who prefer cerebral arthouse horror, MEAT is a pallid-colored puzzle box that deserves a decent after-movie discussion and possibly even a repeat viewing. Decidedly European in its approach, it is a twisty, sexually-charged character piece. The film takes its time, doesn’t overexplain, and revels in silent moments.
Directors Victor Nieuwenhuijs and Maartje Seyferth allow their actors to inhabit long takes, developing complex characters through subtle, exacting performances. The scenes play out with a quiet authenticity, unencumbered by edits. The result is phenomenal, naturalistic work from the entire cast, but particularly haunting performances by Titus Muizelaar and Nellie Benner as the leads. The film, written by Seyferth, sits in the muck and meditates on the stickier aspects of sexuality and death, including cruelty, lust, perversion, rape, consent, suicide, and murder. 3 out of 4 stars – TheClevelandMovieBlog