Watch Out! Cletus, The Red Christmas Killer, has his own Facebook page and he’s not holding anything back.

CletusAnimeGo To and get a first hand account and what goes through the deranged mind of Cletus.  This sh*t goes way beyond what you’ve seen on Craig Anderson’s Red Christmas!

Warning!  You are about to read a posting from the Cletus – Red Christmas Facebook page –


It is still a few months till my 21st birthday but please let me tell you about my first day on earth. In the sweetest of ways, you could say my birth very unexpected. But not in the “damn, I got knocked up last night after drinking too much tequila and now I’m gonna be a mamma.” unexpected. No, mine was a little more complex. You see, after mom found out from the docs that I was going to be a Downs syndrome baby, she decided to abort me. Not nice mamma! But luckily for me, on the day of her “procedure”, there was a violent pro-life demonstration in front of Melbourne’s Baby No More Clinic, and as as I was about to be flushed down the toilet or fed to a koala, I was pulled out, dumped in a canister and left unattended as the doctors ran out of the place. Now gasping for breath in the fetid atmosphere of the killing house, a nurse noticed me flailing and screaming. She wrapped me in a blanket and ran out of the place unnoticed. Now that is a happy Christmas Eve birth!

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Cletus leaves Farmer - Red Christmas Photo by Douglas Burdorff