Hey, we loved MEAT for its surrealistic, weirdly fascinating storyline, but Mr Skin approached the feature a slightly different way!

“When Roxy (Nellie Benner) gets a job at a local butcher’s shop her life gets turned upside down in the dramatic thriller Meat (2010). During regular business hours everything at the shop seems fine, but after hours Roxy and her boss engage in some kinky, strange sexual games. She films it all and enjoys their strange and aggressive encounters. However, her perfect world turns upside down when her boyfriend is accused of murder and she finds out the butcher is doing much more than having sex with her after hours.  Nellie gets naked multiple times in the movies including a few full frontal turns. She joins a guy in the shower where they wash each other’s bodies then bang on the floor. We get another full frontal when she relaxes in a bath and yet another when she stands naked over the body of a dead guy and films him. Boobs, bush, and butt are regularly on display as Nellie holds nothing back.” – MrSkin