“Tom (Matt Barber) and Alison (Megan Maczko) are at home having sex one night when a stranger breaks into their home – using a key to their house. After nonchalantly entering their bedroom, knocking out Tom, and tying up Alison, the intruder (who we learn is named Aaron, played by¬†Edward Akrout) tells her he only wants one thing: for her to treat him like she’s his wife for the weekend. A good deal of core makes up the first part of the movie, but it has a particularly compelling twist as we begin to learn more about the couple living in this house. Luckily, all of the trauma is broken up with one great scene of Megan entering a tub naked, showing boobs, butt, and a hint of bush as she walks in and then get to see her wearing a latex suit. This movie will make you want to Unzip. Rub. Jerk off.” – Mr.Skin

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