Culture Fix Calls THE PRINCE, “Striking…Powerful…Erotic…Impressive”

“Evocative of Jean Genet’s Miracle of the Rose and Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s QuerelleThe Prince plays with classic queer prisoner behind bars motifs, blending explicit sexuality with genuine themes of confused affection and longing…Striking in its damp claustrophobic aesthetic and powerful erotic imagery, The Prince is an impressive look at sexual awakening and humankind’s need for connection.  – CultureFix

“WE is Superb Arthouse Sleaze.” – WickedHorror

Wicked Horror’s James Swift has written one of the best and shockingly funniest reviews of our film WE we’ve read so far. We loved it, although he did make one mistake when he said that Artsploitation, “Gets its jollies scouring Europe for the raunchiest and most risque genre movies legally allowed to be imported into the United States.” Fact is we also scour South America as well – remember TRAUMA?! READ THE FULL REVIEW

“We is not the kind of movie you’ll want to watch if you’re looking for an inspirational, uplifting cinematic experience….one of the finest (and most ferocious) “youth-gone-wild” movies to come down the pipes in years…Heck, there’s even a scene where this one girl takes an iPod Nano and … yeah, the fine editors here at Wicked Horror won’t even let me think about telling you what happens next…this is a seriously twisted melodrama targeting the most calloused of cinephiles.” James Swift, WickedHorror

“WE is an explosive sexual odyssey” – TheFarSighted 

“We is an explosive sexual odyssey that confronts the dangerous naivete of adolescence and the discovery of power. ..Blood, sex and videotape passes through their hands as they exploit a politician, kill Femke and an innocent mother, torture a dog and prostitute themselves. Total debauchery…Sure to leave your stomach churned and your scruples challengedwith its exploration of sexuality and power.” – TheFarSighted 

WE Is, “a brutally frank piece of filmmaking” Says DVDCompare

“Throughout the film are interspersed some ugly and violent scenes that challenge whether we are viewing an exploitative film, or a film that is shot with a completely honest point of view that is committed to showing the facts for what they truly are. Either way this is a brutally frank piece of filmmaking and audiences may not be prepared for the onslaught to the senses that is involved. Eller is a one man tour-de-force as he writes, produces and directs this explosive package all in his debut film. Whether you like it or not, this is a powerful film that challenges our assumptions and world views; isn’t that ultimately what real art should do?” – DVDCompare

WE Got ItsBlogginEvil’s Blood Pumping

We’s unreserved sexual boot up the censorship’s tight behind is this junkie’s drug of choice that gets the blood pumping in all the right places…As a sincere compliment to director Rene Eller, We belongs in the maladjusted family tree that also bears the rotten teenage fruit of Larry Clarks’ Kids and Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen and harks back to the Golden Age of Dutch Cinema with the Dutch Sex Wave from the 1970’s…We is also an important film of human callousness hidden within the prospect of free love, an age-old infiltration and exploitation concept captured by Rene Eller’s subversive eye and [writer] Elvis Peeters sage mind.” – ItsBlogginEvil

Artsploitation Films Bring, “Joy…Fear…Trepidation” to Film Critic!

“Every time I see a new Artsploitation screener hit my inbox, I sequentially experience two emotions: energizing joy, and paralyzing fear. Usually then followed by trepidation (you just never know what you’re getting with these guys — which is partly what makes them so much fun).” – Jeremiah, 13thFloor

13th Floor: WE Is, “Highly Distressing and Wholly Uncomfortable”

“An unflinching look at the unfortunate machinations born of unchecked teenage angst and unbridled apathy. We utilizes the Rashomon effect to paint a mental disposition of each and every one of its misguided teenage leads. If you’re up for a well-meaning, but highly distressing (and wholly uncomfortable) coming-of-ager, one dressed in a quality production (and delivered on the back of quality performances), then give this indie adaptation a shot.” Jeremiah, 13thFloor

WE Is, “Stunning and Undeniable Harrowing” – CultMetalFlix

Unflinching in its approach, bolstered by top-notch, all-in, acting and quick to shock…We takes the viewer to plateaus they might never have imagined and may well be unprepared for…This is a stunning and undeniably harrowing, experience you have to immerse yourself.” – CultMetalFlix

WE Is a Cinematic “Gut-Punch” – ReelRenkovish

“This is not a film that is meant for sensitive viewers. But for those willing to go there, you will not come away unrewarded – even if the reward in question is a proper gut-punch and a sobering dose of reality.” – ReelRenkovish

“A Millenial Fuck-Fest” -Haddonfield Horror

“Aimless, despicable teens are nothing new in films (Kids, Thirteen or generally any Larry Clark or Harmony Korine film) but the kids in We give them all a run for their money. The entire ensemble is excellent together….A millennial fuck-fest with any thoughts of love or care kept to themselves, it is all about the instant gratification whether the poison is sex or death.” – Ryan Morrissey-Smith, HaddonfieldHorror