DoBlu: DEAD DICKS Is “Twilight Zone Suicides”
“After cutting up my brother’s bodies, I need a cigarette.”

“A clever indie thriller…Touching and raw when it comes to the topic of suicide, Dead Dicks surprises with genuine understanding for its characters. While technically sci-fi with some horror elements, Dead Dicks is about the loving but painful relationship between two adult siblings. – Christopher Zabel, DoBlu

DEAD DICKS: “Quirky, Funny, Twisted” – ML Miller

“A quirky and funny film… [with] a twisted eye for violence, body horror, and other worldly weirdness. A really great film that will make you wince, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear.” – ML Miller

BENJAMIN is a Serial Seducer: Amos Lassen Has Also Fallen in Love!

Benjamin is a bleak and hilarious look into the mind of director Simon Amstell. Amstell manages to make the satire and the romance fresh and funny and affecting [and] fills the story with hilariously deadpan one-liners and a scene-stealing cast.  It is a heartfelt laugh-a-plenty love story with lots of bite. – Amos Lassen 

Boston Herald Calls DEAD DICKS, “Ingenious”!
Let’s deal with these corpses.

DIE!  DIE?  NOT DEAD           

“Winner of the Fantasia Audience Award and not quite as raunchy as it might sound ‘Dead Dicks’ (DVD, ArtsploitationFilms, Not Rated) rates as an ingenious Canadian horror film with a sci-fi premise.  There’s a reason it begins with a disclaimer about self-harm with a toll free number to call. For as the movie begins Richie (Heston Horwin) is somehow successfully asphyxiating himself with a plastic bag over his head.  When his worried sister Becca (Jillian Harris) shows up at his messy flat, she’s mortified to discover his corpse in the closet where Richie has hung himself.  We’re wondering what happened to that suffocating plastic bag.  Despondent and in tears Becca is naturally shocked/freaked/disturbed when a naked Richie walks into the room.  As she quickly discovers, every time Richie offs himself, he pops back up to life.  There are already 3 corpses littering the small space and together the two have to figure out what’s happening and how to stop it.  Special Features range from the two directors’ commentary, 20 minutes’ bonus footage, 4 video diaries with the directors and one 2-minute special effects featurette!” – Stephen Schaefer’s Hollywood & Mine, Boston Herald

Benjamin Seduces Gregg Shapiro!
So innocent…

Gregg Shapiro syndicated gay journalist just wrote a rave review for Benjamin for the South Florida Gay News where he says Benjamin is:

One of the best 21st-century rom-coms, gay or straight, that you can find.  [Director] Amstell (think of him as a gay male Hannah Gadsby) has made a movie that is laugh-out-loud funny, tearjerker sad and thoroughly enjoyable…one of this year’s must-see movies. – Gregg Shapiro, South Florida Gay News

Cinema Smack: DEAD DICKS “Is an Absolute Joy!”
What the fuck…

“An absolute joy and fun for all types of movie fans. [Directors] Bavota and Springer put together a very clever and uniquely amusing story about mortality and family. The shots and editing are simply hilarious…everything here is really, really good. Viewers will get absorbed into every scene. Dead Dicks is one that viewers looking for something different should definitely seek out. Jeremie Sabourin, Cinema Smack

THE PRINCE Is a “hellishly beautiful portrait of a troubled man” Says Radio Times
Prison Is Home for The Prince


From Radio Times: 4 STARS

“Originally banned on Amazon Prime for its racy homoerotic content, this stylish and hot-blooded Chilean drama is certainly explicit, but it also offers an engagingly sober look at prison life during the country’s Pinochet regime. Based on an obscure 1970s novel by Mario Cruz, it sees a young man (Juan Carlos Maldonado) imprisoned in a Santiago jail where his chiselled looks earn him the nickname “The Prince”. Claimed as the bedmate of an older resident (a fantastically imposing Alfredo Castro), “The Prince” discovers that prison offers an unexpected outlet for his repressed sexual yearnings. On the downside, it also fuels his mounting narcissism. By opening on a shot of blood pooling across a floor and going on to depict explicit shower romps and upsetting scenes of abuse, director Sebastian Muñoz makes no apologies for his bold content. Instead, he uses it to explore the titular prisoner’s splintering psyche. The combined allure of this rich subtext and Maldonado’s brooding face help The Prince emerge as a hellishly beautiful portrait of a troubled man forged in the fires of an even more troubled society.” – Josh Winning

Rave Review for DEAD DICKS!
Another fuckin’ body to cut up?

It is my job at Artsploitation to read incoming reviews and edit them down to positive sound bits. But this review from John W. Allman (Blood Violence and Babes.com) was so laudatary and insightful, I regrettably had to cut out many juicy parts just to keep it at blurb length – go to his site and read the entire review:

“Have you ever finished a movie that just blew you away, but you had absolutely zero idea what the fuck you just watched? Welcome to “Dead Dicks,” a fearless and fascinating take on resurrection that isn’t afraid to get surprisingly poignant about our fragile existence or throw some full-frontal penis on camera when you least expect it. For horror and science-fiction fans, especially, “Dead Dicks” will be a welcome oasis in a pandemic summer that’s been sorely lacking in joyous cinematic discoveries. “Dead Dicks” is like watching David Cronenberg direct “Flatliners.” It’s packed with bizarrely beautiful and grotesque mutations, such as the giant wall vagina that mysteriously appears in Richie’s bedroom, and serves as a kind of reproductive assembly line, which sets “Dead Dicks” in motion. “Dead Dicks” also is a gore-soaked exercise in body disposal…And it’s a cadaver comedy that gets more and more ridiculous as the body count stacks higher and higher. More than anything, “Dead Dicks” is rife with ruminations on what it means to be alive, and how something so precious can be taken for granted…“Dead Dicks” is provocative, playful and revelatory…Don’t go download the trailer. Don’t look up any other reviews. Just trust that this is one of those movies you have to see, and experience, in order to appreciate. Clothing optional, of course. – John W. Allman,  Blood Violence and Babes.com

DEAD DICKS, “An absolute must watch!

Sean Phillips (aka: coolduder) has been reviewing movies on this YouTube channels for years and in this week’s edition, he sings the praises of our newest release, DEAD DICKS. Check out his thoughts @

BENJAMIN Is, “The gay romance the internet has been begging for.”
“Love in the Time of Anxiety”

“Playfully intimate, Simon Amstell’s Benjamin is a love letter to falling in love with the concept of being loved….genuinely charming…it has a massive heart, and is the kind of simple gay romance the internet has been begging for.” – Disappointment Media