A Young Man With High Potential “tests viewers’ stomachs with its horror” say Amos Lassen

A Young Man With High Potential  tests viewers’ stomachs with its horror. Adam Ild Rohweder gives a chilling performance and he carries the film. Watching him transform is a total experience. he way he transforms his character across the film’s 85 minutes is pretty incredible and despite his actions, you still find yourself feeling a little bit sorry for Piet. Even with all of his evil, I found sympathy for him and this is because director de Paoli does a very good job of forcing us to look at the shades of grey between the black and white. The film is unrelenting during its second half but I can’t really much more than that without spoiling the plot for those who want to see it. It’s not an easy watch at all and the ending is frustrating but fascinating…There are no easy solutions here, and nobody should expect to sleep easily afterwards.” – Amos Lassen

A “Sad, sordid, icky tale…observed brilliantly” – A Young Man with High Potential

“A dark story on the type of young male sexual entitlement that so frequently makes headlines in the United States…it’s pleasantly surprising that the picture presents such a humanised and believable Piet – certainly, he’s more likeable, less of a grotesque horror-movie villain than the “incel” types he calls to mind…observed brilliantly, coldly and with a sharp eye for incongruous little details. A movie this nasty shouldn’t be able to make black-comedy elements work, but director Linus de Paoli manages just that in this sad, sordid, icky little tale.” – The8thPassenger

A YOUNG MAN WITH HIGH POTENTIAL Is, “One of the most diabolical films I’ve seen in quite a while.” – ACED Magazine

A mind bender. If you have made it through psycho-babble films like The Human Centipede 1,2 & 3, or even Nymphomaniac 1 & 2 then you should be able to sit through this one…one of the most diabolical films I’ve seen in quite a while. It defies any of the horror flicks being released this year to out-do his impulsive repulsive finish. Comparing this flick with horror releases I’ve seen so far this year so far nothing compares. The acting by the two main characters Paulina Galazka and Adam Ild Rohweder is actually very good portraying their character’s personas with ease.”  – ACED Magazine

BLOOD PARADISE: “Plenty of bizarre surprises” – USA TODAY NETWORK

“Beware vacations to rural Sweden! That’s the message of this lively horror comedy…boasts a unique setting, interesting characters and plenty of bizarre surprises.” – Amy Longsdorf, USA TODAY NETWORK 

The Imaginary Artsploitation Films Catalog: # 2 – Faster Pussycat… Kill! Kill! (1965, Director: Russ Meyer)

The Imaginary Artsploitation Films Catalog: # 2 – Faster Pussycat… Kill! Kill! (1965, Director: Russ Meyer)

Anyone looking for an immersive 90 minute tutorial on exploitation, grindhouse, sexploitation, female empowerment gone wrong and overall filmic kinkiness should sit down and watch this Russ Meyer classic.

Just about all of Meyer’s unbelievable films could make a perfect fit for Artsploitation, but Faster is the winner (sorry, Beyond the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens).

Three strippers and overall bad girls headed by the sultry, never-smiling, black leather-clad Varla (Tura Satana), are racing their hotrods in the hot California desert. But the racing doesn’t satisfy their itch for trouble as they soon raise the ante with healthy doses of kidnapping, murder and robbery. Part Western, part pre-punk cinema, all eye-opening, Meyer salts this potboiler with big bouncy boobs, irreverent and sometime surreal comedy and enough sex and violence to satisfy any genre fan.

But it is Varla and her two cohorts as the predatory, trigger-fingered and sexually ravenous women that make this unforgettable, and hopefully one that would give the Me Too movement a collective massive heart attack. Shocking, fun, sexy and pop arty, this has Artsploitation written all over it.

Raymond Murray

Wicked Channel, THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND Is, “Powerful…gripping…a treasure.”

“I was expecting a horror film and I got instead a Stand by Me in a religious setting. This coming of age film cuts deep and is so effective. The script was powerful and very gripping for me. To think this film is what 43 years old and it still holds up, is a good sign. The acting was so perfect. They drew you in like a fly to a light and never let you leave. The pacing was fine for the most part. This film really was a treasure for me. I feel if you want a film to remind you how emotionally invested you can get in a story, this one’s for you. This film opens a door that makes childhood feel as awkward and memorable as it possibly can. Once this film ends, you will not forget what you just witnessed. This film, I am just shocked was never brought up before I saw it tonight.” – WickedChannel

DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND Is, “Relevant…Thought-Provoking [and] sheds light on what really goes on behind closed doors.”

“The director’s attempt was to give us a picture of life as it really is and even though the film was made in the 70’s. It is still very relevant today. The emphasis in sex is realistic—by refraining from sex…Schepisi directs it in grand style. It is interesting and thought-provoking and does shed light on what really goes on behind closed doors.Amos Lassen 


Fiercely talented, Andréa Winter is a one-woman tour de force: actress, screenwriter, producer, composer, and the mastermind behind the Electro-Pop music of Baby Yaga. With an acting resume that spans the past seven years, multiple singles to her credit, and a passion for creativity, Winter is building a stellar name for herself both at home in Europe and now across the giant pond in America.

Cementing all of her talents in one, her debut feature-length film offering, the Horror-Comedy Blood Paradise, arrived to DVD and Blu-ray on July 16th. Winter stars in the flick, which she co-wrote alongside Director Patrick von Barkenberg, as well as serving as the producer and composing the film’s score. One might easily say that this was a labor of love for this gifted Swede. In fact, Winter recently sat down to discuss the exceptional film, its inspiration, and much, much more.




BLOOD PARADISE Is, “A Mind-Bending Horror Movie…Deliciously strange” – Crypt-Teaze

“A mind-bending horror movie that joins Midsommar as another film trying to sell you on the horrors of Sweden….well-executed and the overall narrative does a great job with maintaining tension….a deftly gratifying experience with Blood Paradise. It has everything one could hope for in a deliciously strange feature: a talented, diverse cast, a solid script, stellar camerawork and sound, witty irony, dark humor, bizarre juxtapositions, the list goes on. I can’t recommend this one enough, especially to those of you who appreciate distinctively artistic visions, much like that of the Coen Brothers or Tarantino. Basically, anyone with a strong sense of the absurd will find much to enjoy here. Von Barkenberg’s style is a refreshing breath of fresh air. He and Winter have brought some exciting new ideas to the table and I can’t wait to see what their brilliant minds dream up next! – Crypt-Teaze

Rondo Midnight Screening at Festival of Cinema NYC, August 9th 2019


Rondo from Artsploitation Films is having a special midnight show on August 9th, 2019 at Festival of Cinema NYC.

Twisted, kinky and violent, Rondo is a highly stylized pulp noir revenge/murder melodrama that relishes in the dark underbelly of civility. Troubled war vet Paul (Luke Sorge) is told by a psychiatrist that sex may be the solution to his dependency and drinking problems. She sends him to an apartment where he is to release his tensions by having sex with a beautiful young woman, all under the encouraging eyes of the woman’s husband. But deception is the name of the game as Paul and eventually his sister, are sucked into a bizarre criminal underworld where sex and murder are daily specials and revenge is served piping hot. Part black comedy, part slasher and part homage to the seedy films of 1970s grindhouse cinema, writer/director Drew Barnhardt has created a wholly unique American Indie.

Festival of Cinema NYC has a midnight showing of RONDO on August 9th, 2019 (Friday) 11:45 PM – 1:15 AM EST at Regal UA Midway 108-22 Queens Blvd, Forest Hills, NY 11375

Please purchase your tickets here: