ItsBlogginEvil Calls MEAT: Powerful…Phenomenal…Graphically Infrasexual”!

Now here is a review that not only loves the film Meat but is also well written and insightful – it made me feel guilty because I liked the film for its water sports scene.

“Meat is a powerful transcending film seismically barreling through a Lynchian structure…Graphically infrasexual and skewed beyond simplicity, Meat’s refreshingly loaded with unpleasantries and basted moistly with an outer layer of perversion that drips into an oven of thriller surreality. Meat is a phenomenal film that’s well-aged and ready to be rubbed, tenderized, devoured in all senses of the meaning” – ItsBlogginEvil



ItsBlogginEvil Calls DER BUNKER “a bizarre..twisted dark comedy.”

Der Bunker and the bizarre go hand-in-hand. Only a unique mindset with skewed vision could have pulled together such a twisted dark comedy tale of the mortal coil in holding your children to your hopes and dreams for them. Colorfully unapologetic, Der Bunker canisters another world sluggishly revolving through multiple levels of layers of psychosexual and frustrating concepts that flaunts a conventional cinema defiance attitude to establish bold filmmaking possibilities. In short, director Nikias Chryssos shoots high and doesn’t miss with his first run.” – ItsBlogginEvil



Cinema365 Calls MEAT a “Psychedelic thriller” That “resembles an acid trip.”

Light the joint and drop a tab to prepare for MEAT, a bumpy cinematic trip. Here is what Cinema365 thought of the film:

“This isn’t a horror film precisely. It’s more of a psychological thriller but on LSD. Maybe it would be more accurate to call it a psychedelic thriller; some of the images resemble an acid trip and truly they speak for themselves. There isn’t a lot of dialogue here (a previous film by Seyferth had none at all) and indeed Roxy doesn’t speak until nearly halfway through the film. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on though.

There is an awful lot of naked flesh here, both of the human and slaughterhouse varieties…We see a lot of very graphic sex, almost to the point of pornography which may make some sensitive prudes more than a little squeamish….This Meat is rather highly seasoned and spicy, but for those of that particular palate, this is a dish best consumed quickly.” – Cinema365



TheCriticalCritics Offer an Intellectually Stimulating Review of MEAT

Wow – I thought I was reading a Harvard graduate school-level review when I read TheCriticalCritics’ (very positive) analysis of Meat. While the esteemed MrSkin wrote “Boobs, bush, and butt are regularly on display,”  TheCriticalCritics wrote about the film’s themes and metaphors. Here are some excerpts, the full review can be found by clicking on TheCriticalCritics link.

“The exotically disturbing character-driven Dutch drama Meat (a.k.a. Vlees) is most definitely not your old-fashioned grandmother’s tenderloin steak of a sexual psychological thriller. Filmmakers Victor Nieuwenhuijs and Maartje Seyferth literally and figuratively leads the wide-eyed lamb to the slaughter in this twisted, titillating tale of emotional detachment yet thirsty urgency for forceful flesh and bone in this tawdry crime caper from The Netherlands. Convincingly hypnotic, colorfully decadent and unapologetic in its branded rawness, Meat is a bizarre and bold commentary on the reckless human carnal compulsion layered underneath mental coldness and despair. Skillfully, the aptly titled film is a potent and functional metaphor for the lost and wayward souls (both human and the victimized animals as edible sacrifices) that are numb and chopped up to the point of no return…Meat is lustfully subversive and rooted in misplaced sensuality where inner spirit and integrity are replaced with provocative urges to pound the available flesh with aimless abandonment.

Sure, there are elements of confusion to be found in Meat but the risqué performances, the frank examination of sexual release as a sociological and psychological necessity for falsified liberation and expression, and the butcher shop as the creative placement and interpretation for discarded body parts ripped to assorted pieces sexually and otherwise brilliantly culminates in a flexible and feisty film noir that resonates with acidic truthfulness in chronicled alienation.” – TheCriticalCritics


Mr Skin Ejaculates Praise For MEAT!

Hey, we loved MEAT for its surrealistic, weirdly fascinating storyline, but Mr Skin approached the feature a slightly different way!

“When Roxy (Nellie Benner) gets a job at a local butcher’s shop her life gets turned upside down in the dramatic thriller Meat (2010). During regular business hours everything at the shop seems fine, but after hours Roxy and her boss engage in some kinky, strange sexual games. She films it all and enjoys their strange and aggressive encounters. However, her perfect world turns upside down when her boyfriend is accused of murder and she finds out the butcher is doing much more than having sex with her after hours.  Nellie gets naked multiple times in the movies including a few full frontal turns. She joins a guy in the shower where they wash each other’s bodies then bang on the floor. We get another full frontal when she relaxes in a bath and yet another when she stands naked over the body of a dead guy and films him. Boobs, bush, and butt are regularly on display as Nellie holds nothing back.” – MrSkin


10KBullets Loves DER BUNKER and Daniel Fripan as Klaus!

“This film is literally a melting pot of genres. Just when you think that this film is playing things for laughs, in then takes a sharp turn in a completely different direction. Oddly enough when it comes to the narrative things are straight forward and easy to follow…From a production stand point there is not a single area where this film does not deliver and then some. The rock solid visuals add greatly to the story at and and there is also a diversity to said visuals that goes in hand in hand with this eccentric behavior on display. And perhaps in a film filled with odd imagery, one is more bizarre then the moment when Klaus gets some of his mother’s milk. Performance wise all the actors are amazing in their respective roles. With this film most mesmerizing performance coming from Daniel Fripan in the role of Klaus!” – Michael Den Boer, 10KBullets


And Klaus knows a lot about being special.

And Klaus knows a lot about being special.

MEAT Is “Carnal, crazy, intense…absolutely bizarre” Says RavenousMonster!

“A sleazy Dutch thriller…Carnal, crazy, intense, and—like the rest of Artsploitation Films’ catalog—Meat is absolutely bizarre.” – Jason Thorson, RavenousMonster 


TheMovieRat Calls DER BUNKER, “a fucked up movie.” And That Is a Compliment

“I will begin by quoting the great John Waters in saying “Get more out of life. See a fucked up movie.” This one definitely fits the bill….I can advise those who would venture to see this comedy that they should definitely expect the unexpected and soon enough you’ll find yourself understanding the odd rhythm of this world.” – The MovieRat



Amos Lassen Offers Calls MEAT, “rough, filthy and graceful”

Meat is a movie but it is also raw, confrontational guerilla theatre. It deals in abstracts rather than talking about characters who are instantly recognizable as real people performed by a talented cast who have to live with the choices that they make. It is very possible that viewers will see some of their own desires and frustrations here. The film does not resolves any of the questions it raises and this is not a film for anyone who easily tires of ambiguities. The film has high art shock aesthetics and some memorable imagery and lines of inquiry… “[A] bizarre, chilling little character drama…This is not a slasher flick or erotic thriller, but this an art house story that is told through oblique camera angles, stilted two-handers consisting of little more than elliptic dialogue, blunt-force symbolism and explicit sexual come-ons. People rarely interact like normal human beings would, or do anything that ties them to the real world…The coldly explicit visuals are rough, filthy and graceful.” – ReviewsbyAmosLassen


MEAT Is “Luis Buñuel crossed with Jörg Buttgereit” says DeepFocus.com

“Artsploitation Films has just pulled a Dutch film called Meat (aka Vlees, 2010) out of the freezer, and it’s kind of a doozy…Meat is a nonlinear murder mystery that starts out as day-in-the-life middle-aged sexual intrigue, morphs briefly into one of those young-people-and-discotheques Euroflicks, and finally turns into a post-modern police procedural. It’s not much of a whodunit, but it’s a pretty good example of a 21st-century grindhouse film, serving up pungent elements of low-budget horror and surrealism with erotic aromatics and a permeating abattoir stench. But I don’t want to oversell it. Just think Luis Buñuel crossed with Jörg Buttgereit. – DeepFocus