28DLA, “The Voice of Horror,” Says that DER BUNKER is a “Must-See.”

“It’s the perfect back-to-school film, whether you’re hitting the books, teaching a class or having your little one pried from your hands. This creepy, artsy fairy tale hooks you immediately with its dark yet lively atmosphere, charming originality and intriguing, over-the-top characters. Der Bunker is a captivating gem, loaded with stunning imagery, powerful performances and a gripping story that is sure to stay with you for a very long time…Der Bunker is certainly one of the most original pieces to come out in ages. Not only is it provocative in its zaniness, but it’s also incredibly relateable. You will laugh your way through this entire story, even when disturbed and perhaps disgusted. This film is one of the most aesthetically stunning films to falSays DER BUNKER l into this viewer’s hand in quite some time. Each scene is incredibly sexy and creepy and weird and full of childlike energy and heaviness at the same time. Fans of unusual, unsettling David Lynch-type stories should put this one at the top of their must-see list. – 28DLA



366WeirdMovies Is Weirded Out by MEAT

To be honest, 366WeirdMovies gives an in-depth analysis of MEAT but it ends up not a great review, but they did write, “There is no question that this is a weird one…Meat is an orphan that needs your love.” – 366WeirdMovies


WickedHorror Calls VAMPYRES, “Atmospheric, surreal and intense.”

“Loaded with sex and violence…Reminiscent of Jess Franco.”  – Tyler Doupe´, WickedHorror

“Atmospheric, surreal, and intense.” – Tyler Doupe´, WickedHorror


The Slaughtered Bird Asks,”You want kissing, sex and blood? You’ve got it in spades.” In VAMPYRES

“You won’t be disappointed by the T & A in either frequency or quality. Marta Flich as Fran is every inch an alluring seductress, and her lover Miriam, played by Almudena León, exceeds her in malice even as she equals her in pulchritude. This is an exploitation film, after all. You want kissing and sex and blood? You’ve got it in spades.” When it comes to blood there’s enough here to slake the thirst of any but the most famished vampire. Throats are slit, faces are bitten, and arms are gashed aplenty…Bring on the sequel. – By Dave Dubrow, TheSlaughteredBird


Blu-ray Expert DOBLU.com Raves about DER Bunker

“One of the year’s highlights. Only Germany could have produced such a delightfully twisted movie. The German-language film is the most interesting movie I’ve seen this year for its sheer originality. Der Bunker crosses the charm of Wes Anderson with David Cronenberg’s bizarre perspective. Der Bunker is thoughtful and compelling. Ultimately it’s a tale about childhood, education and parenting. How it gets there is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Funny, dark and even heartwarming, nothing can prepare you for Der Bunker. Sit back and enjoy its uniquely unsettling storytelling.DoBlu


ScreenAnarchy Revisits DER BUNKER

“One of the oddball breakout films of last year…Der Bunker is an impressive piece of work, reflecting a distinctive sensibility and a swarming intelligence that questions the more commonplace rhythms of narrative order. – ScreenAnarchy


The Rotting Zombie Offers a Nicely Vague Review of Der Bunker

Der Bunker is a very strange award winning German black comedy….I didn’t really know what to class this as, as it certainly isn’t horror, but it has a sense of unease and peril throughout that contrasts with the ridiculous nature of the piece.” – TheRottingZombie

Der Bunker 4

Der Bunker Is “Totally off its fucking nut.” says MonsterMovie App

“I assure you, that spending a night in the twisted world of Der Bunker would guarantee, at least, a sleepless half hour of uneasy contemplation upon awakening…this film plays out like a combination of The Miracle Worker and David Lynch’s Twin Peaks… challenging, sweet, inspirational and totally off its fucking nut.” – MonsterMovieApp

Patty Duke

Patty Duke – it’s tough to be a special child.

And Klaus knows a lot about being special.

And Klaus knows a lot about being special.


CinemaBluster Calls DER BUNKER, “A Kafkaesque fever dream”!

Der Bunker is a film that doesn’t want the viewer to be comfortable, nor is it concerned with being easily interpreted.  It’s dingy and grimy, and the characters are unnervingly exaggerated caricatures.  The titular bunker is presented as a home but is more like a large cell, particularly for Klaus and Student, who are subject to the demands of Father, Mother, and Heinrich.  Der Bunker is a challenging, fulfilling film; a Kafkaesque fever dream that deconstructs family to its absurd base and is recommended if you are feeling like getting a little weird and dirty. – CinemaBluster

Kafka – die Verwandlung 14 by BBarends

Broke Horror Fan Was Not Prepared for Der Bunker

“Nothing could have prepared me for the oddity that awaited me when I pushed play. The film’s unique genre bending and taboo breaking are distinctly European. Hailing from Germany, Der Bunker blends absurd humor, family drama, and horror undertones. Der Bunker is one of the most unique movies you’ll see this year, but it’s not merely weird for the sake of weird…those who champion the surreal works of David Lynch, John Waters, and David Cronenberg – are likely to be charmed and captivated.” – BrokeHorrorFan

A typical American family

A typical American family

A typical German family

A typical German family